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The God Damned Gratitude Journal…

The God Damned Gratitude Journal… Tonight an idea was born for this webpage. I love this webpage…it’s the most fun I’ve had making one. I guess because it’s so simple. I dont use many graphics, all I do is type stuff in, which I actually like more. With other web pages, I usually spend so much time creating the graphics, that by the time I’m done, I’m too tired to fill it with content. This site is nothing but content, very few graphics. I’ve had it up for about a week, and haven’t created a single graphic after the first day, yeah!!

Anyway, back to the idea that was born today. I figured since this site is my therapy, that I should have a “Rave/Rant” section to the site..a place to complain about shit and a place to give kudos to those things that deserve it. It’s so much easier to bitch and moan, than it is to say something nice….but like Oprah has her damn gratitude journal, I guess I’ll have “change your life web” with a rave/rant section. Maybe it’ll make me look at the good in things. I love french vanilla ice cream. There I said something nice. I hate nuts, I’m allergic and I’ll die if I eat one. There I said something not nice.

What made me think of this brilliant idea was a search of the web. I was reading a journal site, and the person seemed to be bragging about creating the site in html, and seemed to be saying that if you use a WYSIWYG editor that you are lame. I use Dreamweaver to create this site, because it’s easier. Why the hell should I waste my life typing in code when I can drag and drop things and the machine does it for me. Isn’t that what the damn program is for? I mean I could wash my clothes on a stone in the yard with a bar of soap, or I could toss everything I own into the washing machine and do something else. Hmm…which one should I choose. Duh!!! I don’t understand why people get so cocky for doing so much more work. Sure I know how to navigate the code, sure if I wanted to I could punch code in all night, but I choose not to because I’d rather spend the time gathering my thoughts and typing them in and getting it done and over with.

People are so weird sometimes. Anyway, that led me to develop a new section to the site…which is coming soon. As always I encourage you to participate….give me your comments.

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