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I’m Gregarious…

My Horoscope for Today*:
You get mixed messages from a friend. Be flexible and don’t expect consistency today.

Word of the Day is gregarious…I’m gregarious, I go by greg for short though. Thats my corny joke of the day. I think I’ll make a good old person someday…I can think of good corny jokes.

One of the top news stories I didnt mention in the column to the right is “US Retail Gasoline Price Highest Since Oct. 1997″…then it goes on to say how it soared at $1.19. Well let me tell you folks, I would gladly pay $1.19 for gas…I’d even pay $1.20 for gas. Here in California, we are paying $1.79 for gas, so if you want to talk about high gas prices talk about those prices. Now stop bitching about your piddly $1.19 gas price. Yep, we are being raped inside and out as far as gas goes and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. Them electric cars are looking better all the time.

I went to court this morning to file a lawsuit against my landlord. I find it a little bit cool to see “B vs. Laws” on the top of the paper. I’ve never seen my name involved in a lawsuit before, so there is a tiny bit of coolness to it. On the other hand, I dont find it cool that I have to spend money to bring this to court (of course, she will have to pay it back to me) and I dont find it cool that I have to go through all this trouble. I even had to hire a process server to hand her the court papers to appear in court on September 2nd at 9AM. The guy was really cool…but something made me feel like I was hiring a hitman or something…he even told me call him after the decision and he would help me collect my money. All I could think of was that he was going to break her legs or cook her cat or something. Im sure its nothing like that…my mind just goes wild sometimes, or maybe its my secret desire to be a mobster.

I spent most of the day preparing all my documentation for the court hearing in a month. I have so much against her, there shouldnt be any doubt about who will win, but Im still a little nervous having to go into court and prove my case. Hopefully I wont get some mean judge like Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown….Im hoping for Judge Koch, who really seems not so bad.

The court date is two days before my big vacation to New York…I really hope I win because I’d like to start that off on a good note. I get to sue for the $1700 security deposit, $600 in punitive damages because she hasnt tried to resolve the issue, $100 in court cost/admin fees…and if I work it right I’m going to ham up the suffering side of things and maybe get some extra cash out of that.

I got the CDs I ordered a few days ago in the mail today…I love the Millenium CD by Robbie Williams, I like the 200 Cigarettes Soundtrack, lots of groovy tunes…and then I like the Hooked on series of CDs that have tons of songs. Right now I’m listening to the instrumental CD, which happens to be playing a Christmas song of all things…something odd about listening to Christmas music in August…but I like it.

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