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Take heed of what you eat. Your emotional, mental, and physical health are affected by nutrition.

Dont you love those hair loss commericals that claim to grow a new head of hair, and then go on to tell you that there have been known side affects in lab rats and that you might suffer a heart attack, a stroke, sexual side affects, bladder infection, skin blotches, vision loss, hearing loss, dizziness, vomiting, etc. Okay…big choice here…should I deal with the hair loss or risk some sexual dysfunction…hmmm

And dont even get me started on those Bob Dole commercials describing his erectile dysfunction…eww, I dont need to know about that.

“Your father must be drug dealer, cuz you’re dope.” I just heard that as a pickup line and thought, no wonder I’m not in a relationship…I dont know the right words. Dating in the 90’s is so different than what I thought it would be like. I overheard a guy saying “Me and my bitch are going downtown to hang”….see I would never have thought to call a girl “my bitch”…but obviously this guy has a girlfriend and I dont…so that must be what they like. I think I’ll stick with my being nice to people and actually trying conversation as an approach..but I’m bound to have to try something new…of course, I can always try

I wasnt able to upload my August 3rd journal entry because my computer overheated and totally went berzerk….I couldnt get it to start up…so now I’m writing this offline and will have to upload three days worth at the same time…I’m thinking I’ll date the days activities below and make one large journal entry.

Aug 3rd: Spent the day at work, tired and anxious for the trip to Napa. Not much to do, but sat around all day waiting for the clock to slowly tick forward…I love and hate days like that. Theyre a nice change from being stressed out about work….but they also go by so slowly without the structure work gives you. I know…I’m a whiny butt.

Aug. 4th: We arrrived at work at about 8AM…an hour earlier than I’m really used to….but it was just to meet up for the trip to Napa with the group. From 10-5 we sat in a meeting…a long long boring meeting, with a couple of breaks thrown in to keep up from killing each other. Lunch consisted of a fajita lunch…very yummy. After the meeting, we took the wine train, which really made me woozy. Picture yourself on a train, that bobs back and forth for three hours, while you eat very very little and drink tons of wine. Dinner was a little more entertaining on the train, our group talked mostly about those silly talk shows….like the makeovers with Kmart clothes and stuff. Im really tired…

Aug. 5th: Well, I definately didnt get a good night’s sleep…the hotel was great, but it’s always hard to sleep in a different place. The room was really hot, and at about 3AM I figured out how to get the air conditioning on, and after that I was fine. We had to wake up at about 6:30AM for breakfast at 7:30AM. Not enough sleep for me for one night…of course, as I understand it, I got about the same as everyone else, because they stayed up drinking and playing poker all night. So much for trying to get a little extra sleep. The meetings lasted from about 8AM to 2PM, with a box lunch break in between. We left at about 3PM, and managed to get home by about 4:30PM. I’m still tired, and feeling some of the effects from last nights wine train tastings. I think its the red wine that is giving me this outer body feeling….plus most wine dries out my mouth, so I’m thirsty.

A couple of us got to talking about talk shows during our dinner on the wine train. I thought I would share some of our thought about these. Forgive or Forget is a show we found somewhat annoying…with Mother Love. Tell me that lady isn’t faking her “caring attitude”. “Oh, honey child, mother love cares about you and wants to see you and your sister join hands and love each other cause your the only siblings you’ll have.” She is so fake and her facial expressions just make me want to bitch slap her…. And how about the Jenny Jones makeovers. What the hell do you think some kid is going to say when they’ve been dressing like a hoochy all their lives and you put them in a cardigan and polo shirt. Give me a break…at least try to incorporate their look, maybe just tone it down. She gives them one outfit and expects them to change their whole look. Whatever. I also love it when Jenny tells them “all these clothes have been donated by Kmart for your wearing pleasure”. Oh, yeah, thats gonna make them change their look. Does Jenny really think teens think Kmart clothes are cool and stylish? And most of the kids come out like, “yeah, its okay” or “I dont like it”…..My favorite are the Sally Jessey Raphael shows with the kids in trouble getting sent to boot camp. I like the intention of the show, but the therapist lady is not to be trusted. She comes out all dolled up…acting like she’s a street thug. Yeah, I’m sure you feel my pain, bitch.

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