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A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On…

My Horoscope for Today*:
Something quite unexpected may shake your work world today. If harsh words are thrown around, you may be one of the targets, quite unjustly. Don’t overreact. This too shall pass. Remember that you need all the support you can get for your special plan — when the time is right. In the evening, someone you care about will offer you TLC, and may even be a bit extravagant about it. Return the favor when he or she needs it most.

Did you miss me yesterday? I was so overwhelmed with work that my attempts at entering a journal entry were futile….so I gave up. I’m beginning to worry that I won’t be able to finish everything that is on my plate, before my vacation. At the same time, I’m beginning to get into vacation mode….you know, where you could care less about things and just want to be away. That’s the point I’m at.

You know what funny about my horoscope, it says “something may shake your world today”. Something shook my world yesterday, for sure. While watching the news of an earthquake in Turkey, my house started shaking…an earthquake in San Francisco.

The news then spent the next 45 minutes talking about our 5.0 shaker, and totally forgot about the rest of the worlds news. If you’ve never experienced a quake, there are the ones you have to worry about and the ones you dont have to worry about. Depending on where they are centered, 6.0 and up you worry about, under that feels like someone running through the house, things move a little but not too bad. The 7.1 in 1989, was the hardest I’ve ever felt….basically everything ended up on the floor, and our lamps and plants swung so hard they nearly went through the window. I lost my balance, and nearly fell on the floor walking through the house.

Anyhow, last nights was nothing companred to what Turkey went through…but the news still spent 45 minutes on it…here is an example of what they talked about:

Reporter #1: What exactly did you feel?
Guy on Phone: My house shook, a rumbling, rolling motion.

Reporter #2: How did it feel in San Jose, Mary?
Mary: It was a rolling motion, my desk shook a little, and I looked around, and thought, “We’re having an earthquake”.

Reporter #3: How did it feel in San Francisco, Bob?
Bob: Well, my chair started shaking and I thought the kids were running through the house, so I started yelling, “God damn it, stop running through the house, and then I realized they weren’t home, so I figured it was an earthquake.”

Reporter #4: Tom, how did the earthquake affect you?
Tom: Well, it felt like a semi hit my house, everything on my bookcase flew across the room and smashed on the wall.
Reporter #4: Tom, did you feel the same one we all felt, because it wasn’t that strong
Tom: Oh…well, it felt strong to me.
Reporter #4: How is it on the street, Tom?
Tom: Well, the street looks fine to me.
Reporter #4: No, Tom, are there people out there on the street…how are the neighbors reacting?
Tom: I dont see anyone out there…
Reporter #4: You’d think people would be outside, since you were hit so hard.

Reporter #5: What did you feel, caller?
Old Lady on Phone: Well, I was laying on my bed and the bed started to shake. I said “Ooo, whats that…thought the mister was getting fresh, but then saw my lights moving, and thought to myself, an earthquake.”

Reporter #6: Did you feel the earthquake in your office building?
Young girl: Yes, this my first earthquake. I was sitting at my desk and my chair, that has wheels, started moving backwards. I thought someone was pulling me back and when I turned around nobody was there, so then I stood up and saw everyone else standing up and they said we were having an earthquake, so after it stopped I called my parents in Ohio and told them, my brother thought it was cool, my dad said to stay indoors and to be careful because there would be aftershocks and the bulding could land on me.

As you can tell, we make alot out of a tiny earthquake. Everyone has to tell there “experience”. I was amazed at how many people call 911 to report the earthquake…its not like a house fire, we ALL feel an earthquake, even the 911 people. This is how I’d be if I were a 911 operator…

Caller: I want to report an earthquake…did you feel it?
Me as the operator: Nope…were would you like to report that from.
Caller: I live in San Francisco
Me: Hmm….mustve just been under your house.
Caller: No my neighbors felt it, and the people on the news felt it, and they say people in San Jose felt it.
Me: So they are reporting it on the news, but you still felt you needed to call the 911 service to report it.
Caller: Yes.
Me: because….
Caller: I thought you should know…
Me: because…what, you want us to send out fire engines or something…dont you think that if everyone on the news felt it and that it was felt from San Francisco to San Jose….I would have felt it too…
Caller: Well…
Me: Well, nothing…stop bothering me….and stop tying up the phone lines….

I like that Ugly Girl song on the radio….its cool. I know you girls are nothing like that….you would never pick on your ex-boyfriends new girlfriend, right. Afterall, you arent with him anymore…hahah….of course, you girls are like that…I dont know why girls hate each other so much..and are always competing.

Another guy/girl question….why is it that guys can get by on a roll of toilet paper for a month or two, but girls use it up in one week. I dont know why girls have to create a pillow out of tissue just to wipe….half the roll is gone in one sitting. Guys take a few squares, crumble or fold it and wipe a few times…done. Just something I dont understand.

I hate going to dinner in groups because of the check question, its always a big deal… I personally dont want to split the check, if I hardly ate anything. For example, I arrived about ten minutes late, and the others had already scarfed down two plates of appetizers and a truckload of drinks. I dont drink, so I shouldnt have to support their habit, and I didnt get any appetizers so I shouldnt have to pay for that either. In the end it cost me $40 for a $20 meal…I wasn’t happy. I went to dinner with another group of friends and we didnt split it, we totalled our share and ended up with a perfect amount of cash for the bill and the tip.

Here is something I find strange….when guys go out in a group, the bill comes they all whip out $20s and the bill is paid with whatever is leftover as tip…done and overwith. However, when girls go out in a group, the bill comes, they all look at it, take out calculators and add up their fair share plus the tip percentage and then pull out wallets and coin purses and take out exact change, down to the penny. The waitress gets her 15-20% tip exactly. Why is that? Are girls cheap….do guys not want to look cheap in front of their buddies? Who knows.

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