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My Horoscope for Today*:
You are likely to be obsessing about something that could ruin your mood. Realize that it is over and done with, and don’t let it interfere with what otherwise could be a lovely day and evening as well. If you let dreary ideas get a hold on you, it could even interfere with your work performance, just when you are hoping to improve your position. You’ll be able to do that, of course, but you mustn’t be unrealistic about it. It may take learning.

Greetings from the Bay Area! It was very warm today…okay, not warm, it was freakin’ hot. Inland temperatures reached 106 degrees, and the coast remained at about 70 degrees. Where I work it was closer to 100 degrees.

Its funny, because while its extremely hot outside, we are all wearing jackets inside of the building, because our air conditioning comes out like a meat freezer. They can’t seem to find the happy medium.

Hola! Como esta usted? Can you tell what class I had tonight? If you guessed French…you’re not very smart. Tonight from 7P to 10P I was in Spanish class….relearning everything I already know. Being half Mexican, I grew up around spanish speaking grandparents….but since they’ve passed away…I getting rusty. Plus, its a necessary class for the degree….so it all works out. I think it’s actually harder for people who know Spanish to learn it correctly, than it is for someone that doesnt know it at all. I think its going to be an interesting class…at least I might make a friend or two…

Did you hear that Montel Williams has MS (Multiple Sclerosis)…same thing Annette Funicello has. It affects the speech, bones, etc. and eventually the person just stops breathing and suffocates. It’s a horrible way to go…. All my best to Montel Williams.

Okay…rant of the day. I dont make fun of people because of their weight, height, etc. But I do have something to say about large women wearing spandex. This lady must’ve been 350 pounds, and was wearing one of those spandex body suits, maybe for aerobics or something. Just because the shit stretches, doesnt mean you have to test it out. I dont even know what size it was originally, but somehow the lady squeeed into it. I dont know if she thought it made her appear thinner or what….but she must’ve been in pain. It’s one thing to wear it around the house, but to go in public like that is awful. I can say one thing….that shit really does stretch.

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