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Adventures in NY: Part 3

Im sick!! I caught some kind of funky cold – itchy eyes, runny nose, achy muscles, headache, acck! The occasional cough and this sluggish feling are killing me, in fact, it killed mot of my plans for today, but I still managed to get a few sites in.

I walked over to Washington Square – feeling like crap, barely able to move a muscle. A little further down I saw the Jefferson Market Courhouse – but didnt have the strength to take a snapshot. I trudged down Morton Street to take a look at the citys narrowest house and couldn’t find it – so I went a block over and snapped a hot of the “Cosby House” on St. Lukes Place.

What felt like a million miles wearing cement shoes, I finally came up to the World Trade Center and sat in the center fountain for half an hour. The fog was too thich on the top, so I gave up on going to the observation deck.

The three final items on my list – the New York Stock Exchange, Trinity Church and the Ellis Island Ferry to the Statue of Libery were nixed from the list – I just couldntmove at this point and although it was only 1PM, I headed back to the hotel.

I stopped at the pharmacy, picked up some cold and flue medication and spent the rest of the night, sweating it out in the hotel room. Luckily my plan for Wednesday was to catch anything I missed, so if I feel okay tomorrow Ill see the NBC Studio tour, a stop at Letterman Studio and then a bus tour around the city with a stop at the statue of Liberty. I hope this illness clears up tomorrow.

I watched a nw show called “Chicken Soup for the Soul” based on the series of books. They are very uplifting stories and I totally recommend you rad the books or watch the stories at 8PM on Tuesdays on PAX-TV. Give it a try.

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    frank Janse | 12 November 2005

    I changed my tantan flickr badge according your instructions and IT WORKED!!!!
    thanx againa voor de good work.

    Frank Janse

    ps: what I DONT understand is that tantan does not updates his downaloadversion…….

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