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I Got Playboy Magazine …

My Horoscope for Today*:
Stick with the plan, whatever it is, in both your professional life and your personal life. Don’t try to get cute. No matter how hard you try, however, a problem may erupt that you have to deal with. It could involve a friend or an older family member. Don’t try going it alone. Ask for help. Your helpmate will see that there is much to be done. He or she will be not only willing, but also able to contribute to the solution.

So I dont think I made it too clear in my last entry..but I did upload a few back journal entries from when I was on vacation in New York … just click on journal in the links at the top of the page to access those archives. I had a really fun time …

Today I got my review at work, which includes a raise. I was expecting more and it doesnt make me very happy … I was told six months ago to expect a really good raise and I didnt get it. So, I going to start looking for a different job, because I need more money in order to survive. I like working for the company, but they just won’t pay enough. Just today a former coworker called me up to talk to me about a job she has open … I’m calling her tomorrow to find out more about it. Something to do with web design … right up my alley.

I’ve sort of been in a fog since I returned from New York … maybe it’s the cold I caught, maybe it’s the fact that my ear still hasn’t popped from the landing in San Francisco.

Have you ever felt a pain so intense you thought you were just going to die? Like your head and ear would burst … that’s what I felt landing in SFO. No one else seemed to have the same feeling … but I think I ruptured something. I can still hear but it feels funny.

I was told to hold my nose and then try to blow out of my nose while it was plugged to unplug my ears. It worked, a little …

So, for about a year and a half now I’ve been receiving Playboy magazine for free. I dont know why I’m getting it … because I’ve never paid for the subscription and every year I expect for it to end, but here it is a year and a half later and it’s still coming every month. I’ve even intentionally thrown away all of the resubscribe notices … it’s still here.

One arrived today … the Cool College Issue featuring a whole slew of girls from colleges around the country. I’m not complaining … just so that’s clear … I’ve just never paid for it. Does that still make me a pig for reading this, but not actually paying for it.

I’m feeling like I need to change my life in a drastic way … either moving somewhere far away, changing jobs, or whatever else would fit the bill … .

Question of the Day:
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