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Onto another job …

My Horoscope for Today*:
You are a very social type, Gemini, and today you may find yourself getting involved with a new group, perhaps one that deals with matters in your own community. Your mind is also on romance. If you are single, you have just opened the way to meeting someone with whom you could form an interesting relationship. Married Geminis should involve their mates or partners in whatever new activities they get into now. “Teamwork” is another watchword for the day. This evening, you may have to adapt to the mood of your significant other. Don’t worry, he or she will reward you for it.

So, I was gone again. I’m having a little trouble motivating myself to keep this journal. I keep saying I’m going to keep an entry for every day, no matter how boring, but then I miss a day then two..then why bother.

The last few days havent been all that exciting … I gave notice on Wednesday to my boss. Basically I walked into her office, closed the door, and she looked at me and said “Oh no, when is your last day?” I then said, “October 8th”. And that was that. I kind of thought it would be harder or something, but it took all of three seconds. Is that bad? Does that mean they don’t like me? Feels kind of like “Dont let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya?

Anyhow, Thursday I cleaned out my office … four boxes total. Almost as bad a moving apartments. There is some excitment and some anxiety about the change of jobs, but I’ll be just fine.

There are certain journals I like to read daily, when I have a free moment at work or on a break. Doesn’t it really suck when you sign on and the journal hasn’t been updated. I know you are all thinking “look who’s talking Mr. Not an Entry for four days in a row”. I know, I’m just as bad as all of the other journal people, and I’m working on it. My name is Greg and I haven’t done an entry in four days. Like a journalers anonymous meeting.

That makes me think. Why is it called Alcoholics Anonymous, but then you have to annouce your name in there.? I’d be like “I’m not telling you all my name … this is supposed to be anonymous”

So along with getting the new job … I now have to seriously start looking for a place to permanently live. I’m really up in the air about whether I want to share a place, or have my own place. Should I buy a condo and share it, or rent something? Decisions, decisions … I’m terrible at making them.

I know I need to find a place, and I even know where I want to move to, which really narrows it down … now to actually find a match. I’m actually waiting for a first paycheck from the new job, to gauge my earnings and all. The more you make the more they take … so who knows how much I’ll actually be making.

I’ve been on this eBay buying spree that last few days. Oh my god … I’ve spent so much. I’m in this phase where I want to buy vintage things, because I think they make cool conversation pieces around the house. Someone at work gave me a vintage typewriter from the 1940’s that started the whole thing. On eBay I found a vintage phone, really old fashioned and it works. Then I found a vintage camera from the 1940’s … the kind with the lens that pulls out. Then I found this brass telescope … very old, but in perfect condition. So I have a bunch of vintage stuff now and no place to display it.

So this is my test of the night to see if anyone actually reads this. Growing up I had no idea what masturbation was … I had heard the word, and vaguely knew what the process was, but had no idea how to do it. It wasn’t something my friends talked about, so I didn’t really have any way of learning. Well, a few years ago, someone had this video on masturbation … like actual techniques and shit. First off it’s really odd watching something like that, but at the same time you’re interested in learning something new. So I watched and retained and tried it out. At first I had no idea what I was doing and after an hour I still had no results … the video didn’t mention anything about photographs, or having certain thoughts. So I finally figured out if I thought about certain things the results would come much faster. To say the least, now I know what I’m doing … sometimes you just need a little release if you know what I mean. Anyhow, that’s my smutty journal entry for the night.

Question of the Day:
I’ve given up on the question of the day for now … no one seems to be answering it anyhow, and its too much work for m to think of them.

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