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You may be accustomed to working at a powerful pace. If so, realize that you need to adopt better methods if you want to preserve your health and vitality. If others push you to take action with joint projects, ask them to respect your need for extra rest. Don’t let anything or anyone hurt your feelings. You could be especially vulnerable when it comes to financial matters, your career, and your public life. For now, just take it easy. Store up your vitality for a big push later on.

When the police are questioning people and they ask, “Where were you on the night of March 21, 1982?” What are you supposed to say? Because I have no idea …

They always ask that on television, and people always seem to have an answer.

Here is something to talk about. How do you show that you are attracted to someone? I’ve never been good at the romance thing … I tend to be strong in the friendship department, but can never get to the next step.

Once I get to know people I’m very relaxed, and open … but getting past the initial quietness is difficult. Basically, I need to sit and watch for awhile, and get an idea of what kind of person they are, before I can be myself. I dont really understand it … I know I’m much better than I used to be, but still not where I should be.

Here are a couple of reasons why I dont pursue relationships that often. First, there is the rejection factor. I dont want to ask someone out and then have them say no. Now, I dont really understand this, because if they say no, it really wouldnt kill me. I wouldnt really care all that much … maybe a little. So I can rationalize it in my head, by I still dont do anything about it.

Second, I have this relationship phobia. What if the person says yes? Then we go out, and start dating. Pretty soon dating turns into a constant thing, and we spend every waking moment together. Pretty soon I dont have any time to myself. After awhile, we get really comfortable around each other, and she starts getting bossy and critical. Now we are fighting. Okay … so I look at the bad side of things, but I hate the idea of arguing with anyone. Its the worse thing for someone to start doing to me, is criticizing or arguing. So if I could be guaranteed that the person I’m dating is similar in nature to me, I’d be okay. I have friends who have dated and everything went peachy, but then things got more serious and everything changed, and they were already locked into the deal. I dont want anything like that.

Third, I dont think I’m ready for any kind of serious relationship. Im still trying to get my life in order and adding someone elses problems and stuff just makes things more confusing.

I’m not saying I dont want a relationship, because there are alot of cool things that go along with it. First, you have this person to do things with, and share feelings with … of course, friends serve this purpose too. Second, its nice having someone to love and to love you … Third, you have a dance partner.

So back to my original question … whats the best way to let someone know you like them? My problem is that I dont want to bother someone, or make them feel obligated to say yes because they dont want to hurt my feelings. Also, its hard to know who already has a significant other.

So, am I just totally nuts or what. What got me thinking about this? I spend tons of time around really cute girls and from time to time get interested in them. The last few I was interested in were dating, engaged or married … I have this knack of picking these kind out … it never fails. If you are single, chances are I wont notice you … but if you are attached in some way, I’ll fall in love with you. My spanish class has a few really hot ones … great personalities and fun to work with. One is dating, the other I’m not too sure about … but we have alot in common. We’ll just have to see how things go.

I’ve been friends and like a brother to more people than I care to mention … you dont have sex with your friends or sisters, so I dont need anymore friends … understand everyone!

I have the hardest time asking for favors. I dont like to be in the position where I have to ask people for things … in fact, when I have to ask for a favor I get really stressed out, and nervous. Maybe its a fear of rejection I have … I’m beginning to think that. Early in my life, I had alot of rejection issues, so now I’m screwed up. Anyhow, before I ask for a favor, I have to keep repeating to myself the question, and then when I’ve built up enough nerve, I’ll blurt it out without thinking. Like when I moved, it took me forever to ask people for help … mainly, I dont want to bother them.

Damn, maybe I need to see a therapist or something.


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Question of the Day:
What are things you have a hard/difficult time doing? How do you approach people you are interested in? Let me know at the message board.

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