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Make sure you encourage the kind of home environment you need to foster creativity. Entertaining, expressing your talents, and spending time with children all bring you special pleasure. An opportunity at a distance may put you in line for more recognition. Potent alliances may bring about a new work experience. Friends and associates know how much you could contribute to group projects. Keep your bags packed, because last-minute invitations may come your way. You’re in a position to make important changes that could affect the lives of many people. Be prepared.

I was talking to someone about how when people have sex there really isn’t a way to be all polite and nice. What I mean is, it’s hard to look nice and proper while you are banging away at it.

I remember talking to someone who hadn’t had sex yet, and hearing this person say who they just wanted nice sex, just polite nice sex. I was like, huh? I mean, it doesnt have to be whips and chains type of sex, but it’s hard to just be quiet and proper at it too.

There is going to be some grunting, or at least some noise being made. There may even be a scream or yell … and of course, it’s always good to oil the bed springs if you dont want to wake up the house. (oh, and remove the headboard, if it might hit the wall).

It makes me laugh when I think about people who try to act all prim and proper, like they are better than the world. We all know they are animals, just like the rest of us when sex enters the picture. They are going to get sweaty, they are going to make some funny noises, and when the big “O” hits, watch out … who knows what kinds of things are going to happen.

I think we are at our most primal when we are having sex. I’d love to hear from anyone out there, about the strangest sex experience they’ve ever had, or perhaps tell me about something a partner did that made you go “what the hell are you doing?”

Not that I’m on a diet or anything … but I tend to look at the nutritional facts thing that is printed on everything nowadays. Actually, I tend to read everything on boxes … my favorite are cereal boxes. I love Apple Jacks, and Fruity Pebbles … yummm. Sugar cereals always have the fun boxes … like games or find the hidden thing on the box. I sure miss the days when there were actual prizes in the box. I always fought with my sister about it, because she would dig her entire arm in the box for the prize, while I preferred to have it just drop in my bowl when I finally reached that point. Whomevers bowl it would drop into got the prize. Anyhow, no prizes anymore. I feel like a bowl of cereal now.

You realize cereal tastes good at any time of the day … many nights I would come home from work and have a bowl of cereal for dinner. I like Sugar Smacks too. The chocolate cereals tend to be a little too sweet for my taste.

I run the alumni site for my high school class, and tonight while I was fixing up the page, I found a classmate on AOL Messenger and spoke to him a bit. We were both in shock that ten years had gone by so quickly … and out reunion in 2001 was just around the corner. YIKES!

Does anyone remember 2400 baud modems, or am I just an old man? I think my first modem was about that speed, and it worked just fine. I could download loads of stuff off AOL, and talk to people on the BBC chat system. It was a nice simple internet back in the day.

Last night I had to download a driver for my scanner off the UMAX site, the damn driver was about 15MB … because you can’t just download the driver, you have to download a packet of stuff, including a desk accessory, a manual, some extensions, a couple of programs … shit!! It took me nearly two hours to download the shit. (That’s why there wasnt an entry last night by the way) I left the computer on all night to download, and was finally awakened(sp?) at four in the morning, when the ICQ Pager, made its UH-OH sound.

Anyhow, it was a simpler time back in the day. I remember having one of the first video game systems in the early 80’s. It was this Pong game, that was basically a black box, with four Pong games, and two joysticks built into the black box. Basically, you’d sit and move a paddle up and down on the screen, and hit a ball back and forth. I loved that game. It was so much easier than the Sony Playstation I have, playing Tomb Raider … of course, Laura Croft is alot more fun than the ping pong paddle.

I got through my first week of work at We had a launch party on Thursday night, which I missed..sort of telling the press who snowball is and where and what they are.

I love my new job … we have free bagels in the morning, a snowball machine (snowcone), and 25Ôø? sodas. What more could we ask for? Well, office space would be nice … but it’ll come in due time. Most sit two or three to a desk, but it’s all a part of the startup concept, and I dont mind one bit. Kind of strange since I’ve always had my own spaces. I always joke that the more money I make the smaller my offices get. For the first time, I dont even have an office, and barely a desk … I can’t wait for our new buildings to be finished.

By the way, dont forget to sign up for the notify list … and feel free to ask me any questions you want to know about me. I’ll answer anything you can possible come up with …

Question of the Day:
Well, the message boards are open if you want to tell me about your strange sex stories … or make one up if you havent partaken in the SEX yet. Also share any or your early internet memories with me. Let me know at the message board.

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