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An “off” kind of day …

This entry number 90. What special thing should I do for entry 100. Any ideas???

Last night’s Political Science class was pretty interesting, despite the fact that only three of us showed up. We watched another video, but this one was actually interesting and sometimes funny. I won’t bore you with the details … because it wouldnt be funny explaining it.

Our homework is to miss the next class session and take a trip to a law library and look at law briefs. Sounds really boring to me … but if it means missing a class, I suppose I can do it.

I’ve only got two more classes to take to finish up this level of my schooling. I think I mentioned before taking the second Spanish class next semester, but get this, I also have to take a Consumer Arts and Sciences class. It’s a class about vitamins and nutrients. I suppose it’ll be interesting, if nothing else.

I think today was one of those “off” days. I was feeling a little off today. First I woke up late, so I arrived late for work. When I got there, there was no one in sight … so me and this girl that sits near me started worrying that maybe there was no work and no one told us. Then I went to lunch, and totally forgot about our meeting … so I missed most of it. Not a way to score points with the VP. I ended up staying late, doing some site testing … but overall I hope I’m back to normal tomorrow.

I had to buy a new scanner last night online. Mine just isnt working the way I need it work. First, I need to do OCR scanning, and the scanner doesnt really support it. Second, the glass came loose and made the scanner act funny. I pretty much fixed that problem, by regluing it in, but the OCR problem still exists.

So, I should be getting a new scanner within the week. I’m excited … anytime I buy something I get excited. I like getting packages in the mail, whether its a CD or a scanner. Since I just got paid, I can afford it too. Woohoo!

I just saw this new NIKE commercial that shows this guy taking a jog in his NIKE outfit and NIKE shoes, and it takes place on New Years. You can hear Auld Lang Sine (sp?) playing in the background, while the world is going haywire around him. Stray nuclear missles are flying around, cars are doing whatever they want to do, people are looting, the Y2K bug is in full effect. I think I’m going to bunker myself down on December 31st.

My coworker says she has friends whose parents have stocked up food and cash in their basement, for Y2K preparedness. I think it’s all hogwash … I mean, if we’re going to get blown up then being in your basement won’t help. If the power goes out, well I’ll just have to open cans with the manual can opener … big deal. People are going crazy … and others are making alot of money off of this.

You can tell me “I told you so” when on January 1st, I can’t turn my computer on and enter a journal entry. 🙂

I’m feeling depressed lately. Not like a sitting in the corner, crying type of depressed. More like a not fulfilled type of depressed.

That feeling that there should be more to life than just getting up in the morning and going to work, then coming home and going to sleep, and starting all over again the next day.

I need to find something to make me happy. It’s probably the mix of weather and the holiday season and my up in the air living situation.

How long does it take to fix a freaking printer? I think it’s been three or four weeks since I brought my printer in for a repair … they called me and asked me to approve the cost of a new drum or something. So I said fine … thinking okay..they’ll install the new drum thing and I’ll get my printer back. So it’s been this long and still no printer … I want my printer … and I want it now.

Tim linked me on his site … wasn’t that nice of him?? Okay, so I had to coerce him a little. Okay, okay … so I had to tell him how wonderful he is and how studly he is, and how envious I was because the girls flock to him. So, now Tim has a big head and I have a link. Yeah!!

From time to time at work, our facilities people have to clean the office fridge. Our secretary has a unique way of informing us when the time comes, and I thought I would share it with you all … (maybe she has too much time on her hand).

Halloween’s gone
but left in it’s wake
a bunch of ghoulishly gross stuff
for all of you to take …

Take out of the frig
take it home if you dare,
eat it for breakfast,
just get it out of there.

Yep – it’s that time again
time to tackle the mold
and try to identify
all that is old.

This time bright yellow
labels you’ll use
to label all food you want kept
that doesn’t smell like old shoes …

If you’re just not sure
if you should keep it or not –
ask yourself if you’ll eat it
before it will rot.

If the answer is no
then bid it adieu
pass it on to the trash cans;
we’ll be grateful to you.

For Alan and I
twice a month now we clean
what once looked like a frig,
now’s a mildew machine.

Once again, use the labels …
and we will also remind
you that any food not labelled
in the garbage you’ll find.

Label it or lose it
Oops, I said that before,
is gonna be out the door!

I know I’m too lengthy
but I just want to stress
that come Wednesday at 3,
there will be no more mess!

Okay enough, I think you’ve
all gotten the point,
Now how about we all help
to clean up this joint?

Or at least help with this issue –
try to keep the fridge clean
Don’t bring too much food to work,
It just sits there and turns green.

Bring only what you think
you can eat in one day,
If it turns out you didn’t eat it –
Take it home, give it away.

Strawberries covered in mold,
or unidentifiable goo,
Liquid previously solid,
and bread wearing mildew –

We’ve gotten all too familiar
with the items listed up there,
They are commonplace in the big black frig
and stinking up our air.

Okay, okay – enough! – you’re thinking
We got it, we’ll clean it out in time!
Your help with this is GREATLY appreciated
and your patience with this rhyme.

Thanks for your cooperation, The Facilities Folks

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