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Yesterday, I suddenly felt this need to shut down this site. Of course, I didnt do it, as you can tell, but I got into ths funk and thought of creating a page that said I was going on hiatus and then giving the link to the archives.

I dont really feel that I have anything worthwhile to talk about lately, and then there’s the fact, that no one is around anymore, as I spoke about yesterday. Just a series of things, that put me into a funk.

I think it stems mostly from my having just moved, everything I own is in boxes, and I dont even turn on the computer when I get home anymore.

I’m sure once I get my desk set up and have a place to work, things will get better, but for now, I’m just feeling a bit funky.

I even spoke to Krysten yesterday on ICQ, which was nice to hear from someone, but still I was feeling slightly depressed at the time.

I’m still feeling slightly that way, but am getting better. I dont usually get in too many funks, but I’m feeling a little like I just dont want anything to do with the computer lately.

I was at work until about 6PM last night, and found a quicker way to get home from work. It takes just about 20 minutes, and involves getting on one freeway, taking an interchange, and getting on another freeway, but somehow, gets me home faster. I’m so used to taking backstreets to get everywhere, because of my total not wanting to get on a certain freeway, which is horrible.

I hate driving on Hwy. 101 in the Bay Area. The lanes are tight, there all these brick walls on either side, and industrial buildings behind the brick walls. I think it’s the most depressing freeway known to man. On the other hand, Hwy. 280 has no walls, has mountain views on both sides, and lakes, and wide, wide lanes. The problem is my job is right next to 101, so to get home, I have to take 101 for a few minutes, then jump over to 380 which is the interchange to 280, and take that the remainder of the way home.

It’s a quick and easy drive.

Last night I got home and watched television. Kara and I agreed to watch Friends, Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, Chicago Hope, and ER. A full night of television.

Also, I cooked dinner. I made spagetti, with my partly homemade sauce. Partly homemade, because it’s from a jar, but then I add ground beef and sausage meat, giving it a heartier taste.

Kara likes it anytime she doesnt have to cook, and since I got home first, it just made sense. Thursdays are her late night at work, so I was able to get home by 6:30, take a quick shower, throw on my sleeping clothes and start dinner.

We then spent the night watching the programs, and that’s about it. I’m actually enjoying coming home and having someone around. Maybe I’m strange, because everyone has told me their roommate horror stories, and since it’s just been a week of living together.

I remember living alone in the studio, and although it was nice to come home and be able to do whatever I wanted, it also get very lonely at times, because there was no one to talk to. So at least now, when I’m watching a show, I can talk about it with someone. We get along quite well.

Chicago Hope was about a kid who was born a boy, but due to a messed up circumcision, where the doctor chopped off the entire thing, the parents raised the kid as a girl. So, the hospital was now going to take this 14 year old person and try to turn them back into a boy, but attaching a prosthetic part. So Kara, was very intrigued, because she couldn’t understand exactly how it was going to work. I tried to explain how they’ll have to use a pump to make it do it’s thing and then he’ll be able to use it for sex. Well, it turned into one of those conversation you are really sorry you got into, but we ended up cracking up.

Picture this, not to make fun of anyone, but you are just about to get romantic, and the guy whips out a pump and starts inflating himself to get it ready for sex. I dont know, it just seems like it would ruin the mood … and what if the thing deflated or popped or something. I dont know, I mean I feel sorry for the person who has to deal with that.

I think my weekend plans include unpacking more boxes and trying to get a little more organized. There are things I keep finding that I need. Like bath towels, or stuff I know I have that is just hidden in the boxes scattered all over the place.

So, hopefully, I’ll have a chance to get through some boxes and find my stuff.

Well, I dont know if I’ll update on the weekend, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m still feeling a little depressed, maybe it’s the weather. I almost didnt want to write in here today, but here I am, so that’s that.

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