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So, did any of you check out Katie’s journal, Digital Ink? I was the guest writer of the day yesterday, so you’ll have to go over and check it out.

Katie also said she might do a guest entry for me at some point, so stay tuned guys. “The Katie” is going to enter my journal with an entry of her own. And if any of you out there would like to do a guest entry, I’d love to have you do it. Just write one out on whatever you feel like writing about and I’ll publish it in the Commixion pages. Don’t be shy, email me.

Today is my last Spanish class. Yippee!! I’m actually a little tired of going to this class. Not that I dont enjoy the company, its the class in general. I’m tired of the homework and the long hours. Of course, next semester I’ll have two classes, so who knows what I’ll do. I’m thinking that the dancing class will be fun and at least there is no homework involved, and the other class should be fairly straightforward. Then after those two classes I’ll probably be done taking classes. I’m getting too old for this shit.

Speaking of getting too old, tomorrow [May 25] is my birthday. I’m going to be the ripe old age of 27. So, guess what time it is folks?


[playing stupid game show music.. da da da dada, dadadadadada … ]

All these people were born on Greg’s birthday … and except for Lauren Hill, I’m younger than every single one of them. There are also plenty of Gemini’s in the world … check them out too.

Lauren Hill May 25, 1975 musician
Anne Heche May 25, 1969 actress
Mike Myers May 25, 1963 actor, producer,writer
Connie Selleca May 25, 1955 actress
Frank Oz May 25, 1944 actor/voice of Yoda in Star Wars The first Star Wars opened on May 25th.
Leslie Uggams May 25, 1943 actress, All My Children
Tom T. Hall May 25, 1936 country music singer
Beverly Sills May 25, 1929 opera singer
Robert Ludlum May 25, 1927 writer
Miles Davis May 25, 1926jazz singer
Jeanne Craine May 25, 1925 actress
Claude Atkins May 25, 1918 actors
Ralph Waldo Emerson May 25, 1803 writer, poet

Other Famous Geminis

Mr. T
Naomi Campbell
Drew Carey
Joan Collins
Patti LaBelle
Bob Dylan
Lenny Kravitz
Gladys Knight
Annette Benning
John F. Kennedy
Bob Hope
Wynnona Judd
Brooke Shields
Lea Thompson
Gregory Harrison
Sharon Gless
Joe Namath
Clint Eastwood
Walt Whitman
Alanis Morissette
Morgan Freeman
Andy Griffith
Marilyn Monroe
Jerry Mathers
Noah Wyle
Michelle Phillips
Marky Mark
Kenny G
Staci Keanan
Bjorn Borg
Formerly Prince
Liam Neeson
Jenny Jones
Boz Scaggs
Nancy Sinatra
Joan Rivers
Barbara Bush
Frank Lloyd Wright
Natalie Portman
Johnny Depp
Michael J. Fox
Tara Lipinski
Elizabeth Hurley
Judy Garland
Joshua Jackson
Joe Montana
Marv Albert
Jim Nabors
George Bush
Mary Kate/Ashley Olson
Tim Allen
Steffi Graf
Yasmine Bleeth
boy George
Marla Gibbs
Courtney Cox
Helen Hunt
Tupac Shakur
Dan Jansen
Barry Manilow
Newt Gingrich
Roger Ebert
Paul McCartney
Paula Abdul
Kathleen Turner
Phylicia Rashad
Nicole Kidman
John Goodman
Lionel Richie
Brian Wilson
Danny Aiello
Martin Landau
Chet Atkins
Errol Flynn
Prince William
Julliette Lewis
Meredith Baxter
Michael Gross
Maureen Stapleton
Jane Russell

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