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Nearing an end …

Do you think its a sign when half the month of June is over and I haven’t done an entry update? I’m beginning to think so. And even before Tim of what used to be known as I Wasn’t Built To Get Up At This Time pulled the plug, I was considering how to end this journal.

On July 1st, I will have completed the one year committment to myself of keeping an online journal for one year. I wanted to write about a year in the life of Greg and then be able to look back on it and see what a year looks like, what kinds of things I’ve been doing and how things change.

Well, I dont think I could have picked a better year in my whole life to write about. My life has undergone a 360 degree turn in one year and all for the best.

Rather than having a job that just gets me by, I actually have a job I like and look forward on most days to going to. There are lots of exciting projects to work on and great people sitting within arms reach of me. Also, rather than living in a tiny room with furniture piled to the ceiling, I’m in a nice apartment with plenty of space to move around in and am living in a really nice town. Best of all, I have Wifey™ in my life. She makes every day so great and lets me know there is at least one person that really cares about me.

So, why, if things are going so great would I even consider closing the jouranl down. Well, its quite simple really. One year ago I didnt have much of a life. I mean, I had stuff to do, but nothing really great. Now I have so much going on, that I often dont have time to write an entry.

I’ve been talking to Katie about this lately and we’ve both come to the realization that sometimes its just time to let it go. For her, the fact that a reader is stepping over the boundry and involving themselves in her life is enough to shut it down. For me, there are just things that I can no longer talk about in here and so I find it pointless to even keep a journal. The point of my journal, and I’m sure Katie agrees, is to be honest to the world of readers about my life.

So, I did promise to keep it up for one year and on July 1st I’ll make the final decision as to whether I should close it down or not. Am I leaving forever? No. I wouldnt do that. I just think that Commixion was about a time of change in my life, and now that things are feeling a little more settled and comfortable it might be time to start fresh. How I do that, I still dont know.

I’ll probably keep a journal like page up, but it won’t be updated as frequently. I still want to let people know about the big events in my life, and I have a great vacation planned with Wifey™ at the end of July that I might want to share a little bit of.

By the way, if I do close the journal down, I do plan on keeping in touch with the folks I’ve met online. There are so many people I just have a blast talking to on ICQ or AOL IM and making friends was part of what this project was about. Updating a journal just isnt as important to me as it used to be, plain and simple. I’ve met people like Tim, Katie, Amber, Krysten and Zed that I’d like to keep in touch with, as well as so many others. They’ve stuck with me throughout this ordeal and I thank them.

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