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Sometimes I feel like

Sometimes I feel like I live in meetings. I mean thats all we do here sometimes, one after another after another. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind a good informative meeting, but most of them are just me sitting there bored totally out of my mind. I sit, I look around, I play with my pencil, I doodle … ack.

So, my first meeting was a group meeting for the department I work for. Basically everyone has to give an update on what they are currently working on. It’s really boring, because basically I could care less what everyone is working on. I mean, who the HELL cares. As long as I’m doing something all day and getting paid for it and then I get to go home at the end of the day, I dont really care what everyone is working on. And half the time, its just an ego booster. Basically, here you sit with the attention of the Director focused on you and you can talk about ALL the stuff you are working on and how important you are. Blah! I’m always working on the same thing, so I always say the same thing. I’m working on shopping. Blah! Anyhow, I’m wearing a sweater today and it happened to be really hot outside where we held our meeting, plus I didnt have my sunglasses clip with me, so I’m sweating like a hog and going blind from the reflection on the wall. Ack, just get it over with and some people are so damned long-winded. “hey everyone, hear me, look at me, see how important I am … ”

My next meeting was about an hour later to discuss, everyone altogether now, SHOPPING! I told you that’s all I work on now. Anyhow, this was the meeting where I have to actually listen and do work, because basically by the time the meeting is over, I have a shitload of mockups to work on. Plus, this meeting was attended by the President of our Networks … the big cheese, so I had to actually look into it. “oh, this is soooo exciting, how many more mockups can I work on, please, please, I’ll do anything!”

Actually this was the first meeting where I could actually see progress being made. This has been such a damn unorganized project from the start and its driving me batty. I mean you want to start something up but no one seems to have focus and no one knows the direction. “Greg, make a mockup for us … what do you mean you dont know what to put on it, make it up” “oh okay, sounds like you’ve got a clear picture of what you want then”

On a totally unrelated subject, Tim seems to be back, with a whole new version of I Wasn’t Built To Get Up At This Time. The very day I made my decision on the fate of Commixion. So, everyone altogether now, WELCOME BACK, TIM!!

Okay, enough focus on him, now back to me. A few days ago I sent out an email saying I was going to close down Commixion and give you a big surprise on July 1st. Well, after talking to many people, and a little advice from Katie, I’ve decided against going that route. Basically the idea was that I was going to close down Commixion and start up a new journal with a new name. After some thought, bad idea, not going to happen.

Anyhow, thats my update for right now … hope you are enjoying my slightly different format. Of course, that means you have to keep coming back over and over throughout the day to see if I added anything. 🙂

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