Plays Well With Others

Survivor. Okay, okay … I’ve

Survivor. Okay, okay … I’ve watched the show. It’s a pretty good show. I mean you stick a whole bunch of people on an island, split them into two teams and make them perform challenges for supplies and then make them kick teammates off. You have an hour-long show that is fairly interesting.

I think there is something really interesting about watching real people interact and try to survive. It’s the reason MTV’s Road Rules and Real World have been on so long … what about ten years now. It’s the reason in the early days the show Candid Camera worked so well. People would tune in just to watch real people doing funny things. No scripts, no directors.

It also made me start thinking about how I would do on an island. I mean if they let me take one thing with me, what would I take. And what skills do I have to bring to a group. Would I get kicked off right away or would they keep me on.

I guess if I really want to find out the answers to these questions I could sign up for the Survivor 2. Nah, thats okay, I need to have the comforts of home. I mean I like camping and all … but thats just insane.

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