Plays Well With Others

[Photo of 300 airline

Airline Attendants [Photo of 300 airline employees forming the shape of an airplane to show their unity]

Airline employees rallied around the globe Thursday to send a message to lawmakers and passengers: Keep the friendly skies friendly. Unions representing flight attendants and ground crews declared a “day of action” against so-called air rage, saying inappropriate behavior is potentially dangerous and is on the rise.

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I know when I’m in an airplane, there is no way in hell I’m thinking of going in a rage. I mean you have to kind of count on those flight attendants to to bring you those little drinks and nasty food … but more importantly, you rely on them to save your life if the plane crashes. I dont even like hearing a kid whining the whole time in a plane, if some grownup started screaming and yelling, I’d probably pop him in the eyeball or soemthing. There is just no need for that. If I were the flight attendant, I’d put some sleeping medicine in his drink … that guy would be out in just a few moments. People really can suck sometimes.

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