Plays Well With Others

So, there was this

So, there was this story in the paper about some girl gluing her boyfriends penis to his stomach. She used super-glue. Now the poor shmuck has to soak his “organ” in water until the glue wears off. There is nothing they can do at the hospital to release the glue.

Here’s what I’m saying. First, girlfriend whips out some super-glue … um, dont go there. Second, if he was in the upright position when it happens that sucker is gonna hurt like a mother-f*cker when it begins its decent … you know when the tire starts to go flat. Could damn near rip some skin off. Third, how is this boy peeing. I mean, he’s gonna have to pee laying on his stomach.

I dont know why the girls always go straight for the nads when they get mad. Damn, Loraina Bobbit hacks the puppy off and tosses it out on the freeway! How do you explain that to the police? “I have an emergency, my wife just ran off with the dick. She’s headed southbound on the 405, probably to her mom’s house.” And how do you arrive in the emergency room and explain why your dick is super-glued to your stomach. “Doc, I have this problem. See, my girlfriend got mad at me and super-glued my dick to my stomach and well, erm, when this boner goes away, it really gonna hurt … can you help me?”

Anyhow, if you are gonna piss off your girlfriends guys … get some armour for the genitalia region, if you know what I’m talking about.

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