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How many of you

How many of you knew I was allergic to nuts? Well, I am. It’s not a great sight either when I actually do eat one. Sometimes my lips get hot and feel like they are gonna blister, and when they actually go down my throat get ready for a hacking up symphony. Lots of throat noises, itchy eyes and the feeling my head will soon lift off my neck and end up in outer space.

I should be carrying around a large needle full of medication for such an event, so I can quickly whip it out and shoot it into my leg or something. I dont carry such a needle.

Now usually no one could give two shits about whether Im allergic to nuts or whether I carry a needle around with me. Not the case in Canada, the last two weeks, where upon being asked if there were nuts present in the food I was ordering I was immediately told that there could be a trace and that I should eat the food. It was a little funny, because Wifey™ would ask them if there were nuts and I immediately knew that any hope I had of eating that particular food would be gone in two seconds. Even the vanilla ice cream I wanted wouldnt be served to me because of the remote possibility there could be a nut granule in it. It’s okay though, I guess its better to be safe than to be sorry and I did get to eat alot of really good stuff.

Nut allergies are pretty common … at least three other people I work with have similar allergies. And they are very serious. Mine is a minor reaction, while some people could have their throats close up completely and could suffocate. So, dont make fun of me.

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