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Has anyone been watching

Has anyone been watching the commericials that have been airing lately during the Olympic trials? Okay, yeah … I’ve been watching a little of it, not much though.

Anyhow, there is this one commercial that is hillarious. If you haven’t seen it, you have to try to catch it. It’s this group of people singing about keeping your mind clear and staying fit for the Olympics. It’s this serious commercial about keeping focused or something, and then all of a sudden they starting singing, “Don’t BONK! … . Don’t BONK!”

Don’t what? I started cracking up, my roommate started cracking up … I swear we were in tears. At first we thought it was a parody or something, but then realized that it was a serious commericial and they were using BONK as in don’t mess up or something.

Anyhow, now its stuck in my head and out of nowhere you’ll hear me singing “Don’t Bonk!!”.

Bonk is just a funny word on it’s own … these singers just make it hilarious.

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