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So, between trying to

So, between trying to fix Katie”s melodrama’s, I actually do have a life. (By the way, Katie, if you go back to that piece of shit, I’ll never forgive you.)

Anyhow, back to me. I think I’m sick. I have a hard, long bump in my neck that sends shooting pains into my brain. Everyone seems so concerned about this, I think it will just go away. They seem to think a hospital visit is in order, I tend to think some Tylenol will do the trick. I mean, remember what happened last time I went to the hospital? Three freaking days later …

Anyhow, at this moment I’m extremely hot … a few minutes from now I’ll be freezing. Who knows.

Yesterday I began a new program to lower my cholesterol. Last hospital visit they felt it was on the high side, so I’m following a special program of eating of “low fat”, “no fat”, “half the fat” foods that will lower my cholesterol in no time. I predict maybe three months of eating like this, which will bring me right up to Christmas time.

This “diet” will also cause me to lose weight. I mean, if you dont eat fattty foods, then you are bound to lose weight. So, since I dont have a cholesterol meter on me, every week, I’ll post how much I’ve lost. That way everyone who is interested can keep track of me. Dont be too interested though or I’ll think you are a freak.

But anyway, so now I get to carry this little “food journal” around with me and write down everything I eat … oh lord, did I just say “food journal”?? I’m feeling an Oprah moment right here guys … lets bond and talk about it. 🙂

I also spent the day doing some wood paneling on my moms house. After fifteen years of my working on that house, and finally it’s perfect, my mom is thinking of selling it. I mean, it would be great for her to move to a warmer climate, since she loves the sun, but I’ve put alot of work into that house … seems such a shame.

Anyhow … I’m gonna get into bed and sweat to death now.. that is until I start to freeze. I love flus.

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