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Here’s my latest drama

Here’s my latest drama at work:

Today we were given our new seating assignments for the new building we’ll be moving into. My worst nightmare came true. The seated me in a walkway. I dont know if its really a walkway, more like a path of travel, if that makes a difference.

Basically, the way my desk was positioned, my back will be to a big open area where all kinds of people will be walking back and forth, to get from one area of the building to another. Most of the desks are positioned so that they either have a wall behind them or have some sort of privacy. This area has none of that.

So, I began my email campaign to everyone that could possibly care, because there is no way in hell I’m sitting at that desk. I have seniority over at least 150 people in that company and someone is losing a desk for me.

I began by emailing my supervisor and telling him I didnt like the choice of seating and would like to be moved. Next, I sent an email to our facilities people asking them to figure out a way to put a wall up or a partition so that I’d have some privacy. I also asked them to have the desks moved so that our backs wouldnt be facing a walkway.

After I got home, I checked my email and found the reply that I’d been moved to another desk with more privacy. The problem is that they moved my coworker into the desk I hated. So now the problem still exists, just not for me anymore. Plus, my coworker will probably hate the fact that my bitching caused her to be moved. I’m still going to write to facilities and fight to have the desks fixed, I mean it’s not fair that anyone has to sit in those desks.

Oh well. I bitched and moaned until they moved me, and now someone else has the problem I had. Great.

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