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A little nostalgia has hit

A little nostalgia has hit me today, as I sat packing up the remainder of my office, realizing that today was the final day I’d be sitting in that room where one year ago I first sat and starting working for

When I interviewed for the company, the room I sit in wasn’t even a part of our company. I walked into Snowball, where everyone was young, hip and funky and thought, “What the hell am I doing here?” This was the first real company I worked for where my coworkers would be my age and younger. All 130 employees sat in the same suite, crowded around their desks, sitting in hallways and sharing mini-carts.

On October 18th, I began working for the company. By this time, they’d moved my department into a new part of the building (where I currently sit) because of the growing size of the company. About two or three months into my job, the company expanded a little more and moved the department we shared the room with to a new building, leaving myself and three of my coworkers alone in this huge room. We stayed like this for about two months, alone in the huge, quiet room until the company decided to move my department in with us. Soon the huge, quiet room became a cramped, loud room, and the four of us wished very hard that things would return to normal. Here it is a year later, and nothing ever returned to normal … in fact, they got more and more crowded.

So, even though it was a crowded space, it created a close knit group that gets along in a great way. The new building brings more space, larger desks and an all-new building built just for us, but it also splits up our close knit group. No longer will we be able to talk to each other as a group from our desks. On the bright side, we’ll be able to walk around a bit more and visit people. We’ll also have parking, finally, that we all fit in.

Change is good … yeah, it will be a good change.

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