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I found this kind of

I found this kind of interesting and had planned to just link the site it came from … in fact, here if you want the full story check out this page on missclick, part of, part of the company I work for.

So, with that done, here is just part of the article I was checking out regarding handwriting styles. It’s kind of interesting.

Slanted to the right

You’re extroverted, affectionate and compassionate. You’re the life of the party, the kind of person who never feels out of place in a crowd, and you’re never at a loss as to what to say. You show your emotions openly, whether you’re happy or sad. But beware: if you slant too much to the right, you may be bombastic, overbearing and moody, what one expert calls “an
emotional bonfire.”

Slanted to the left

You have secrets in your life, and you’re not about to expose them for the world to see. You’re refrained and refined, mysterious, and maybe a little defiant. You certainly don’t mind spending some solo time, and you’re not about to rush up to everyone you see in a show of emotion. Handwriting that
slants too much to the left, though, may indicate that independence has gotten outta hand: you’re withdrawn and fearful.

Curvy and rounded

Aren’t you a sweetheart. Curvy writers are charming and gentle; they make friends easily and are usually the one in the gang whom everyone turns to with their problems. You like having a good time but know when to lend a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on. But if your writing is too curvy, you may need to take some empowerment classes, because overly rounded writers are generally obedient and unquestioning and may be open to being taken advantage of.

Angular and pointed

You’ve got a brain, and it’s taking you places. Angular writers are
intellectual, practical and logical. You’re the kind of person who can take in a situation and analyze what’s really going on. Plus, you’re good at setting goals and working your way towards success. If you’re writing gets too sharp, though, you probably need to keep your competitive nature in check.

Straight up and down

You’ve got your emotions in check. You’re practical and in control; you rely on yourself and you’re pretty confident you can get the job done.

Now, through my life, my handwriting has changed from straight up and down to left slanted to right slanted, and even now it goes back and forth. So, what does that mean, I’m some kind of psycho nutcase or something … hmm, hmm, does it damn it, does it mean I’m a psycho nutcase. Erm, oh hi, would you like a homemade cookie. 😉

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