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Katie update, I know you

Katie update, I know you all want to know …

Well, I was planning to relax a little tonight after such a busy day and who calls me, but Katie herself. I knew I shouldnt have answered the phone. Just kidding, Katie. Really, I am. Anyway, she’s having a gay old time in Virginia. That a Flintstones reference for those of you too young to realize a time when “gay” meant happy. She’s enjoying her roommate situation and even found a job that she’ll be starting on Monday. I’m sure Eric is thrilled to have her in his backyard, within easy access.

I’m sure she’ll be updating soon, so I’ll leave some things for her to tell you about. She did mention that her mom is now Mrs. Cleaver or something, because she feels Katie’s running away is all her fault. What I’m saying is that now is the perfect time to get some guilt shwag. A guilty mom is a mom willing to buy you stuff. “Remember that time mom when you ignored me … you know, between the ages of 1 to 18″.

You: Can I have a car?
Mom: No
You: Okay. Really, it’s okay. I mean my whole life you never gave me anything and it’s probably the reason I’m all screwed up. No, I’m not blaming you. Really, you dont have to buy me a car.”
Mom: What color?

See, its just like when your parents divorce. You can get stuff out of it. You just need to be the right age. I mean I’m pissed because they divorced when I was two. What the fuck am I gonna get at the age of two? Now 18 is a good age to be. Can you say car, apartment? Ummm, can you say BMW 328i? Condo on the beach in Miami?

Anyhow, I got off the subject.. I talked to Katie tonight. She’s doing well, although she seems to be eating Pringles for dinner. She’s enjoying her independence and getting on with her life.

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