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I was stabbed today! Okay,

I was stabbed today!

Okay, so it was by an itty bitty needle, but I was stabbed nonetheless. Its that time of year where flu shots are available, and, as usual, I signed up for one. I find that by getting a flu shot, it actually keeps me from getting some awful four week in bed type of flu, and instead I usually get the 24 hour variety.

There is that bump on my arm however where she put the needle in. It’s kind of sore, but that’s usual. As long as your whole arm doesnt turn brown and fall off, you’ll be just fine.

I dont even know if you realize it or not, but there is actually a flu shot shortage in the country. Seems there isn’t enough vaccine to go around, so getting one is actually quite the coup. There are people racing around trying to get them that are being turned away as I speak, because they dont *really* need one. Anyhow, I got mine and I’m set for the winter flu season. Sneeze on me, cough on me … I’m protected.

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