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A few words … Okay, when

A few words …

Okay, when do I ever have just a few words … bite me. Anyhow, this election is so fucked up I never want to vote again. Gore obviously won the popular vote.. you know, the most votes from ALL the people in the country. Sounds pretty simple to me. I mean, the people chose. Oh but wait, we are gonna sit around and let Florida decide for us … and … and … what the fuck is up with Oregon. Oregon still hasn’t turned in their votes. Do they have preschoolers counting the votes?

Everything is fucking 50/50 in this election. The Senate is divided exactly. The House of Reps is damn near divided exactly. Now a difference of 200 votes in Florida is what’s holding us up. I say, just fucking keep Clinton in there and let Gore and Dubya fight it out for the rest of their lives.

So, say someone wins. Like anyone will actually think they won fairly. I mean winning by a landslide, at least people know you are the best for the job. Maybe they should split the presidency. You know, Gore could have it weekdays, and Dubya could have it weekends, holidays, and during the summer.

Just something fishy going on in Florida. Even Buchanan was on TV this morning saying there is no way he could have gotten more votes than Gore and Bush combined.

And. And did you see that fucked up ballot. Ohmygod. Okay so here’s Bush with a dot right next to his name, and then Gore and Buchanan with about fifteen dots next to theirs. Can you say rigged! Good lord, I took one look at that thing and could barely figure out how it worked. Plus they used it in an area full of elderly and immigrant people.

This election won’t be over for another month at least, but its infuriating me how screwed up everything got. And why the fuck are people counting ballots by hand. Do we not have a computer for that? I mean, aren’t we likethis really technologically advanced country and we can’t even fucking get computers for our elections. Yeah, we are building that space station up there so people can live in space, but why the fuck bother. I mean we can’t even figure out how to hold an election down here on earth. Could you imagine trying to get the absentee ballots from the space station?

Anyhow, its a mess. I mean we wait for Florida, but then if Bush loses, he’s gonna want a recount in some other state. Ack!

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