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It’s just oatmeal for god’s

It’s just oatmeal for god’s sake …

I went grocery shopping today to pick up a few things. Did you know that when your milk goes bad the carton begins to get bloated? I discovered my bloated milk carton in the refrigerator last night and decided that it was time for a grocery trip.

I got some new milk, some bananas, some Fruity Pebbles, and a bunch of other stuff … I headed down the aisle where the oatmeal was and encountered this Asian couple looking through the oatmeal. They were older and spent a long time talking in front of the oatmeal. I think they picked up every single box of oatmeal in the aisle. Basically, one of them would pick up a box, point to the side of it (perhaps the ingredients or nutritional information) and then they’d start yelling to the other person while pointing at the box and the price on the shelf. Then the other one would pick one up and start yelling while pointing to the side of their box and the price on the shelf. Maybe they were comparison shopping. This continued for a long time until I finally left the aisle. I wish I knew what they were saying … and I wish I knew which one they finally settled on. I decided on the Maple and Brown Sugar variety. The decision was pretty simple for me. Of course I didnt have anyone to discuss it with.

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