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It’s over … The election is

It’s over …

The election is finally over and we have a winner … not necessarily the best man, but the one with the most friends in Floriday, including a brother. Tonight the person who won the popular vote conceded the election, leaving us with George Bush.

I still feel that Gore is the best man for the job. I think this election is one that many people feel has a bad air about it, and I dont think I’d want to have won it. Bush is going to have to prove that he deserves the Presidency throughout his term. He’s going to have to do some really big things for the country, because it’ll always come back that we could have had Gore. Eventually we will find out who really won Florida’s votes and when we do, Bush will again have to prove himself. Face it, his brother is the governor of the state, the Secretary of State is Republican and wants to keep her job …

We are entering a time when the economy is slowing down and if it gets worse, guess who we’ll blame. I dont think I’d want to be in Bush’s place right now. He’s got alot to prove and if he screws us up, believe me … we’ll blame him.

Even our Supreme Court screwed things up. The Florida Supreme Court wanted a recount of the state. The Supreme Court put a stop to it for the trial and then tried to start it up again, but … whoops … no more time. Oh well … I guess it doesnt matter who the people wanted, I guess it just matters who the lawyers wanted.

I guarantee that our country will head downhill starting today … it’s just too bad. Bush’s father screwed us up and Clinton got us back on track … now we are going to get screwed up again.. Let’s get Gore in office in 2004. Please let the next four year go by quickly.

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