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Let the games begin … I’ve

Let the games begin …

I’ve been slowly letting people know about my engagement. Everyone is really happy and excited and the first question out of their mouths is when. When will the wedding be?

Um, I dunno.

Is this something people should know before they pop the question. I’ve been engaged one week and everyone wants to know when the wedding will be. Wifey™ and I don’t even know when the wedding will be, but everyone seems concerned. Just seems like a weird thing to ask when someone says they are engaged.

Of course, the second thing people ask is what the ring looks like. Solitaire, cluster, round, square, heart shaped, oval, oblong, yellow gold, white gold, platinum … good lord, I’m learning more about rings now than I did when I had to buy the damn thing.

And of course, we are now in the midst of planning a wedding. Well, let me rephrase that … my mom is in the midst of planning a wedding. Wifey™ and I are still getting used to being “fiancees”.

I spent last night calling up people and letting them know the big news. It’s spreading like wildfire, but there are some people I can still surprise. I told my grandma and aunt yesterday at my third or fourth xmas dinner. They were extremely happy and my grandma wants to be a great-grandma now. When I got home I gave the news to my father and his wife, and after they stopped being excited, my stepmother went into planning mode. She’s going to call up her contacts and get some ideas floating around. I also called Andrea and Locke up and they were equally excited, of course, Andrea was still getting used to the idea of my having a girlfriend. I just told her about Wifey™ a month ago. I’m trying to see how much she can take before she drops to the ground.

Like I said, everyone is happy and excited about it. My mom already bought us our first wedding present … a mattress set. She actually offered a bedroom set, so this is gift one of many to get the bedroom all fixed up. The mattresses arrive on Friday.

Here is something uber cool about our new mattresses. I like a firm mattress, while Wifey™ likes a soft plush mattress, so I spent the day looking for something right in between. I actually found one that was firm enough for me and soft enough for her … then the salesguy came over and showed me this one that is half and half. It’s called a dual mattress and come with half the bed in a soft plush and half in firm. If you lay on both sides you can actually feel the difference … it’s so cool. It’s exactly what we were looking for.

Anyhow, you’ll be hearing more about this as time goes on and my classes start on the 17th, so I’ll let you know how thats going. It’s Tuesday and Wednesday and I’ll give you all the details. Wifey™ will be helping me with my French homework.

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