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A Travesty … in my opinion

A Travesty … in my opinion

This isn’t so much an entry but rather an opinion of mine based on something in the news. For some reason I’ve been sort of following this news in Afghanistan regarding the destruction of precious and historical statues of the Taliban people.

Some of these artifacts are over 2000 years old and have great historical significance to the region and the world. The Taliban rulers have decided that they want to destroy all these types of things because of their religious creeds.

Supposedly they’ve already destroyed hundred or thousands of statues already including two Buddhas that are 175 and 120 feet high carved into a mountainside.

I hate to hear of art being destroyed. I always feel that it is our job to preserve anything that can give us information about our past. It’s sad that this government has to go to this extreme, but apparently they are continuing with their destruction.

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