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Ask for a subletter,

Ask for a subletter, get a thousand …

I posted an ad on that I needed a subletter, around midnight last night and this morning, I turned on my email and there were a ton of people wanting my little room. Oh, happy day. So, I narrowed it down to a guy that will be working in the area for three months. His wife will be down for the first month, then he’s on his own. It should be fine. One guy wanted to stay until September, and another was like, I need a place til the end of the year. Um, read much. My ad said, until August.

So, this guy should be arriving June 15th, and so now my drama really begins. I have to find some mattresses for the frame I have so they have something to sleep on, since subletting people usually dont travel with furniture.

I also, spent the entire morning trying to change the bills into my name. They were all in my roommates name, since she moved in a month before I did and signed up for everything. Ugh. What a hassle that was. I called the phone company and asked them to switch it over and they said I needed permission from my roommate. Um, I’m not a two year old. Basically my roommate needed to call them up, give them permission to accept me changing the line over, but then she couldnt switch it over, they needed to talk to me to switch it over. Ugh. Of course, on the flipside, the electric company is like “okay, done”. Shit, I should’ve put my neighbors name on that one.

My birthday cash total is at $650 at this point. I might be able to pay rent afterall.

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