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Seems the President is going to be on vacation for a month. He’ll be at his Texas ranch “getting in touch with the people that make this country great”. Um, when has Bush ever been in touch with anyone or anything. At least Clinton used to stop at McDonalds and grab a cup of coffee, Bush wouldn’t get near “common folk” with a ten foot pole. His idea of getting in touch with “the people” is to go onto his billion acre ranch which is secluded from everyone and everything.

Of course, he’s only been in office for six months, and has spent more time on his ranch and at Camp David than he’s actually spent in the White House. Great job. Did he REALLY want to be President or just get the perks?

Secondly, why do they call it a vacation. I mean, when I go on vacation from work, I dont do work. I dont think about work and they can’t call me for anything. He’s the god damned President of the United States, how the hell could he do that. He can’t thats how. It would make more sense to say he’s “working offsite”. At least that would be true.

Only 42 months left of having ‘dubya’ in office … the countdown begins …

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    Katie | 05 August 2001

    The key phrase is, “Getting in touch with the people that make this country great.” For him, common folk don’t make the country great, HE does. Or, he thinks he does. So I guess he’s getting in touch with himself.Ew, that sounds dirty.

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    Brian C. Williams | 05 August 2001

    Sorry, to put this in the comments section for your good Bush Bashing but I haven’t stopped by here in a while and just wanted to say hi.I see things have changed a lot since the last time I was on your site. I like the look of the site a lot.I hope you guys get everything worked out soon with the INS. I spent close to 4 thousand dollars when my plans where to move to Canada but that was before I meet the lady I love on the net and who I’m living with now in FL.Another sorry, for such a long message, you probably don’t remember me when I use to visit you site.C.

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    Greg | 05 August 2001

    Of course I remember you Brian. Congratulations on finding someone, I’m very happy for you. I hope everything is going well for you in Florida, and keep in touch.

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