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My Digink guest entry …

[if its ever posted on there … ]

I told Katie I’d do a guest entry – dont really know what came over me.

So, in trying to think about something to talk about since my last guest entry, I couldnt come up with much. And as you can see, I’ve already done a couple of guest entries for Katie and have yet to see her do one for me. Hmmph. Of course she barely does entries for herself these days, so here I am filling in.

Of course, I happen to know she has plenty of things to talk about, because I get about twenty emails a day from our poor Katie, who is now forced to slave away in an office environment rather than a retail establishment. Of course, this could also be the reason for the lack of entries, I mean, the big draw for this journal was hearing Katie complain about working with the public. However, I think she has some good stories she could tell about her new job, she just has to get off her ass and write those things down.

Anyway, today I got an email from Tim of I Wasn’t Built to Get Up At This Time and it seems that our little Tim is growing into a full fledged man. He got his very own domain recently – Makes me all weepy inside, remembering how just a couple of years ago, Tim was learning to walk and talk, and then getting his first girlfriend, his first kiss, and now his first domain name. I’m just so proud. Our little Tim is a man now. These little milestones in life just choke me all up.

And speaking of milestones, I’m about it hit one myself. Wifey™ and I are getting married at the beginning of October. With a handful of visits under our belts, and a long long distance relationship looming overhead, we found that the only way we can find out what its like to be together is to get married and live on the same side of the country – in the same country. So, when the big day happens I’ll post tons of photos on my site or perhaps an auxilliary site for everyone’s viewing pleasure. You can also visit me to hear all about our exciting INS expedition – we are still involved in.

Dealing with the INS has been something of an experience. I’ve learned alot about how much paperwork is required to get someone into the country, how much money is involved and also how many people are doing it. I’ve even found a whole webring that has stories of people’s experiences with the INS and what they had to go through. Pretty interesting stuff.

Anyhow, wish us luck and come by sometime and visit me at Commixion. Gotta get back to work now. Oh, and I can’t wait to see all those little footnotes Katie is going to stick all over my entry.

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