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And the journey begins …

Well, the day has arrived. Wifey™ left Canada today and is making her journey across the U.S. to San Francisco. Almost here.

She left her house around 6AM, brought to the train station in Montreal by her parents, to catch the 9AM train to Albany, New York. There were some tears as her parents said goodbye to her and then she began the long journey to my home. Unfortunately, I couldnt make the trip with her due to events of the last few weeks, so she’ll make the trip alone.

Her first stop is Albany, where she has to switch to a Chicago-bound train. She called me earlier and said that so far, everything has gone smoothly. No problems with the stop at the border, for the customs check, so she’s off to Chicago.

Once in Chicago, she’ll change trains for the last time, and take a three day ride to Emeryville in California, where I’ll go pick her up on Wednesday. So far so good, and then the long long journey we’ve been on for the last six months of going through this whole INS process will be almost over. Of course, there are some minor things to take care of, so it’s not completely over, but the hard part will be behind us and we can start getting our lives back in shape.

I spoke to Wifey™’s father shortly after they dropped her off and I could tell that they were having a hard time with it. I can just imagine that they are worried about her starting her life way over here, but it’s something both of us need to do to make us happy. At one point, her father got emotional and had to hang up on me, but then called back later to finish the conversation. It’s hard and part of me knows I’m responsible for them going through this, but I also know that we all reach a point in our lives when we need to do something for ourselves.

So … Wifey™ will be here on Wednesday. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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