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Lightning never strikes twice …

Who the fuck made up that? Lightning never strikes twice. I’m sitting here in my apartment watching lightning strike five thousand times. My lights are flickering on and off, and I’ve got the candles surrounding me. Just in case, you know.

There’s something cool about lightning. Especially in San Francisco. I mean, this sure ain’t Kansas. The lightning looks like its shooting straight into the ocean and the Bay around here. It’s awesome in a way, and at the same time freaky as hell. The thunder shakes the house with every hit, the lightning lights up the sky. Pretty cool. Of course, now I have to reset all my freaking clocks, because the surges blew the settings on every clock in my apartment. That blows.

Ever spray a fly with hairspray. Heehee. Thats a total tangent, but I have this fly in here right now and its bugging me. So I sprayed it with hair gel. The thing didnt die, but it’s wings stuck together and it dropped like a boat anchor. I’ve never liked killing bugs. I found that torturing them was much more fun. Ugh. I was a mean little kid. Erm … well, I guess I’m still mean.

Anyhow … better close this down before my power shuts down.

One Response to 'Lightning never strikes twice …'

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    Katie | 25 September 2001

    The expression is, “lightning never strikes the same place twice.” Of course lightning strikes, in general, more than once…

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