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The arrival …

Well, for those of you that have been following the saga of Wifey™ and I, she’s finally arrived. We have now officially crossed the threshold of an online relationship to a real-life relationship, and in just about ten days we’ll cross another threshold making us “married folk”. And, for those of you that are fact junkies, our wedding falls on the one year, seven month anniversary of the first time we ever made online contact.

Anyhow, she said her trip went well, aside from the fact that it took an extra four hours due to a broken piece of track that needed to be fixed. She rolled in around 9:30 PM instead of 5:30 PM, which was the original schedule. She met alot of interesting folks on the train and each of them seems to have a story of their own. It’s definately a trip I’d love to try sometime … riding across the U.S. via train. How cool could that be!

Of course, her suggestion is to spend the extra money for a sleeper cart, which includes a bed and a shower, rather than going coach and sleeping in a big chair, and no shower. Her first course of action when she arrived at the apartment was to take a long bath and then get into bed. I dont blame her. Ugh. I’d be pissing and moaning the whole time. Anyhow, she’s getting used to the time difference and the apartment setup, but she’ll get used to it in time.

Onto the next stage of life …

3 Responses to 'The arrival …'

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    Jessica | 28 September 2001

    Only ten days??? wow…time flies. I’m so excited for you! wait, is it being held in a church or in a park or something? I ahve a friend who is planning on getting married in may and she doesn’t know whrere to have it. she lives in your area, do you have any suggestions?

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    Greg | 28 September 2001

    The ceremony is in a Japanese Tea Garden on the peninsula. It’s a great area with little bridges and trees and flowers in bloom during October. For a May wedding, you’d just have to worry about the weather factor, which we are praying for a good day. It should be a nice time though… then the reception is at a restaurant that overlooks the Bay.

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    Jessica | 30 September 2001

    aw, that sounds so perfect! yeah, my friend is really worried about the weather in spring, she doesn’t want it to be raining…that would kill it. i really hope everything turns out for you and brigitte.

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