Plays Well With Others

What the fuck?

Erm … Katie writes a weblog topic three lines long about whether people want to see her sidebar come back and over 20 people respond. I write a full fucking page and no one responds at all. I think that pretty much tells me right there that it’s time to think about packing it in. Basically, I’m talking to myself at this point. And I’m too young for that. I mean, maybe when I’m 92, talking to myself won’t be a big deal, but as a twenty-something, I’m WAY to fucking young to be spending time talking to myself. Ugh.

Just a short note for the “married guy” section of the journal. The Wifey™ and Greg Virtual Wedding page is up and running. There are still a few tweaks that need to be done and I’ll definately be adding more photos as they come along, but its up and running nonetheless.

I do have a little story about that page that I need to share. I put it up and wrote the little story that goes along with it, pretty quickly on a weekend, mainly so Wifey™’s parents could see the photos and also let other people read a little about our background. Harmless enough, right? WRONG.

My mom gets it and starts crying because she thought it was sweet, of course, at the same time mentioning that I’d forgotten to thank some people. Okay, I’ll add them in. Wifey™’s father get’s pissed off that I didnt talk more about my trip to Canada, or even thank them. Ugh. Basically, I only thanked the people that helped put the wedding together. That was the purpose of that part of the page. Not to thank the world for concieving us or anything, and since they didnt physically help with the wedding, I didnt think to put them in there. Anyhow, moreso, the page wasnt about the writing but more about the photos, which I rushed through and got up in record time so they could see them. Ugh … can’t please anyone these days.

What’s that I smell? Is it the holidays, right around the corner. Well, I have some news for you … they are still far away. That’s what my assistant supervisor told me today when I put in my request for time off.

Basically, where I work, we have three “floating” holidays that we can use anytime we want. Basically, they are three paid days the company gives you on top of your vacation. Since I started later in the year, I’ve never used them, so now I have to use them before the end of the year or I’ll lose them. Since the holidays are just around the bend, I figured I’d put in for the days around the holidays – Nov. 23rd, Dec. 24th and Dec. 31st. Well, apparently it’s “greedy” around here to want to take your time off around the holidays, because then other people don’t get the chance. Also, apparently asking for the time off two weeks prior to the date you want it is “too early” to be making the submission. What the fuck? How the hell am I supposed to plan my life if I can’t ask for time off more than two weeks in advance?? Scrooge, much?

Well, starting to feel like Bob Cratchett and that she was full of shit, I sent her an email asking her to clarify some of her answers, sending a cc: to her supervisor. Of course, I brought up the fact that putting in for vacation two weeks in advance was seen as being “too early”. Somehow, within ten minutes of sending the email things took a turn. She wanted to meet with me to basically back peddle on our previous conversation and told me that “what she meant was … “. Basically that just mean, “I was full of shit before and now that my supervisor talked to me, I’ll tell you how it really is … “.

The agreement we managed to come to is that, obviously, I can’t put in for vacation a year in advance. No Shit. And that I can’t take all the holidays. No Shit. And that … I’m getting what I want. Hehehehe. Basically, I decided that I dont need Nov. 23rd off, so instead I’ll probably be off Dec. 21st and Dec. 24th, making a five day weekend/vacation, and then I’ll be off Dec. 31st, the day before New Year’s. Hehehehehe. I love getting my way.

Anyhow, the moral of the story is to not let people in authority … or semi-authority, in my case, push you around. Those days are given to me by the company to use when I please, regardless of what other people want. Anyhow, buy a plush teddy bear.

2 Responses to 'What the fuck?'

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    Timmi | 08 November 2001

    Just because we don’t write doesn’t mean we aren’t here. =)Of course, I just ruined my theory by writing but you know what I mean, I hope.

  2. personal avatar
    Greg | 08 November 2001

    OHMYGOD!!! Someone left a comment. I can’t believe my eyes. Timmi is my new best friend.I know you guys are here, I check the logs and it tells me that people come by and visit. It’s just nice to hear from you all every now and then. Tell me I’m stupid. Tell me I ramble on about nothing. Anything at all. I like to hear your voices. Did the entry make you want to blow chunks? Did the entry move you…. to blow chunks?Anyhow, thanks for the post, Timmi.

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