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A week of fiddling …

This has been a week of fiddling. Thats the reason for the lack of entries. I just haven’t really had alot to write about, and even though I’m always saying that I’d rather have an entry about something little than to have no entries at all, there REALLY hasnt been much to write about. REALLY.

With that said, I’ll update you on what I’ve been doing, and on whats coming up in the next week. First off, I fiddled with my “notify list” and so if you are on it and got a garbled HTML mess, please accept my humblest apologies. Of course, if everything went well then you should have seen a really cool email come through. I wont actually know until I hear some feedback … so be sure to click on that little comment link at the end of this entry and let me know how it went.

Aside from that, I’ve been trying to work on a new ecommerce site for my stepmother. If I can ever find time to work on it, it should really help me in getting freelance work. It would be a great addition to my portfolio and would be something I could show people to get some new business. Plus, she could always drum up some business for me too. Right now the problem is finding time to get it done. I mean, I can’t do it at work, so doing it at home is the only time and finding a quiet second to work on it is getting more difficult by the moment. So my goal right now is to make the time, no matter what. Its got to be done.

The week itself has been rather slow. Not much going on at work, aside from the usual reports due out. It’s also rainy and stormy around these parts, so going outside isnt in the cards much.

The weekend will be a different story. Busy busy. Saturday at the crack of dawn, Wifey™ and I will set out to the car dealer to put “the baby” in the shop. See, this red maintenance light turned on about two months ago and I’ve been putting it off and putting if off. I just knew it was going to cost a buttload and since squeezing blood from a tree is impossible, we put it off due to lack of fundage. I did add some oil a few weeks ago, just to make myself feel better, but with the impending weekend trip coming up in a week, I felt it was time to finally put the car in the hospital for some well-deserved TLC. The total will be about $180. Well spent I guess – if I want the car to work.

So, while the car is in the shop, Wifey™ will be out with my mom doing her christmas shopping for yours truly. And, while they are out doing that, I’ll be shlepping my ass up to my mom’s roof to hang christmas lights and then I’ll be dragging the reindeer onto the lawn. After all of that, I’ll be inside putting up the tree and hanging ornaments and lights and all that good stuff. Booyah! Tis’ the season to be fucking jolly.

Sunday is another story. A day at an antique fair. Supposedly its an airport hanger filled with antiques, so Wifey™ and I can try to find out how much we’ll need to save for a bedroom set. Hmm.. wish us luck.

Anyhow, thats the news for this week … tune in next weekend to find out how THE WEEKEND TRIP went. I know that will be a good entry. 🙂

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