Plays Well With Others

And the merriment concludes …

The last five days have been a whirlwind of excitement and fun. Here’s a breakdown of how it went …

Friday was a day off, but far from a day of leisure. Wifey™ and I were hosting the annual “friends” christmas dinner party on Saturday and since Wifey™ had to work on Friday, I spent most of the day cleaning the house and preparing food and stuff for the party. I think I finally got some downtime right about the time Wifey™ was coming home. Ugh.

Saturday was spent in much the same way that Friday was spent except that the majority of the food preparation happened on this day. Since our guests would be arriving around 6PM, we had a good portion of the day to get the salads tossed, the appetizers prepared, and the ham cooked. Practically an all day thing preparing for this dinner party, but it’s what you have to do when you have people over. In all, we’d be having eight people total in the apartment.

They all arrived between 6 – 6:30PM, which was nice because we’d planned dinner for 7:30PM, and had put about an hour in there for appetizers and conversation. You have to plan these things out, you know. Anyhow, the apartment looked great. We had candles lit throughout and the lights were dimmed to give it a nice holiday feel. Most of the light came from our Christmas tree in the corner of the living room. Dinner went according to plan, and we even got the first use of our formal china, that we were given for our wedding. Later on we watched “The Grinch” and then opened gifts. Wifey™ and I were given two “Our First Christmas” ornaments, along with a gift basket with hot chocolate and cups, a santa serving dish, and some household stuff. The night was perfect and the final guests left around 2AM. Yeah, that’s two in the morning.

Sunday, we woke up early to go to a thing called “The Dickens Faire”. Basically, a fair where most of the people there are characters from Charles Dickens books. These people walk around the fair, in character, and you’ll often see them acting out little skits right among the crowds, as if they are actually the people living in that time period. It’s kind of neat, however, Wifey™ and I were pretty tired from the day before and had trouble concentrating. We were home by about 1PM. We then spent a little bit of time cleaning up and headed to bed for a nap. Later on Wifey™ had a work party to go to, and I stayed home and played SIMS. Since I have the “Hot Date” expansion pack, I went to the downtown area and built my first series of stores. It’s awesome. Almost more fun than building a house. I have a formal restaurant, a diner, a clothes store, a candy store and bar/billiard, an antique store, a lamp store, and a lawyers office – all on one plot of land. It’s sooooooooooooo cool.

Monday was Christmas Eve, and that meant going to the family party on my mom’s side. It was the same old thing with people talking to each other and finding out about what people have been up to. There were games out to play – Wheel of Fortune on Playstation, and later we opened gifts. Since we’d picked names, we all only got one gift, which basically sucks. Everyone ends up watching the kids open there ten million presents while we open our one, which we already know basically what it is, because we make a list of things we want within the price range. We got a gravy boat for our china set. We were hoping for a covered casserole dish, which would have been a little more practical, but whatever … beggars can’t be choosers.

Tuesday was Christmas Day, and so we headed over to my mom’s house bright and early to open gifts to the immediate family and have breakfast. After a plentiful breakfast of bacon, french toast, eggs and banana bread, we opened our gifts. Wifey™ got a purse, while I got a nice sweater along with some gift certificates. Together we were given a cool asian teapot, which we are collecting, along with a set of our china and a vacuum cleaner, which we needed desparately. All things we could really use, so they made us happy.

Later on it was over to my fathers side of the family, which was pretty much like any family get together. Alot of talking about things that no one cares about, some home movies and basic reminiscing. Ugh. Wifey™ and I got home around 10PM and headed straight to bed.

So it’s all over. Woohoo!! Our apartment is trashed and filled with gifts the we received. Overall, it was a great holiday season and I’m actually looking forward to the next one. Of course, it’s easy to say when it’s a year away …

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