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Jesus, Where the hell is everybody?

I like to call it the summertime blues. It’s that time of year when everybody decides to quit journaling. I was talking about it with Katie just the other day. There’s nothing to write about, there’s nothing new happening, and we’re too busy doing other things and dont have the time anymore for it … but then before long it draws you back in. Strange this journaling thing is.

This morning I opened up my email and got a “notify list” email from Rob, notifying us that he’s taking some time off. His reasoning is along the lines of depression and contemplating suicide. It’s hard to be funny when you don’t feel very funny.

Which brings me to my next point. One of the hardest part about keeping a journal is that you feel like you need to always be funny. The journal moves from being a place to keep daily musings and instead becomes a form of entertainment. I’m guilty of it and so it Katie. Most of her entries I hear about weeks in advance just through conversation, but it takes that long to make the story “funny”, or amusing enough to keep a readership going. Afterall, although most people would love to see daily updates, most are just as happy with a weekly update. So we just save our funny stories up and post them once a week … or month.

My lack of updates started out as more of a technical problem and sort of turned into something else. As I stated in my last entry, I bought a new computer to use as a server for my multitude of websites. It’s just more cost effective in the long run. I figured it would take a week to make the transition and then I’d be up and running and no one would know the difference. Hmph. Well, it actually took about three weeks to figure out the server software and just last week, I figured out how to get everything to work in unison. And even now I’m too chicken to actually transfer my real domain over – “just in case”. As you might have noticed, I’m running on one of my old domains “” domain right now, temporarily. Now that, for the most part, everything is running, I’m feeling too lazy to actually update. It’s not like I’m not doing anything, which I’ll get to in a second, but more, I just dont feel like going through the process of updating. I’ll just blame it on the summertime blues.

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last few weeks.

May 24-June 3rd: I took my first weeklong vacation of the year, which coincided with my 29th birthday on the 25th. Wifey™ isn’t eligible for any vacation yet, but managed to get a good portion of the week off, so we quickly planned a mini-vacation for the two of us. We both had the three day weekend off and basically spent most of that time cleaning the apartment, doing laundry and taking care of errands, so we could free ourselves up for the end of the week – the mini vacation part.

For my birthday, we went out with my mom and sister to Benihana’s. For those that haven’t been there, its a great thing to do with a group of about eight people. You basically sit around the grill and everything is cooked right in front of you, from the fried rice to the teriyaki chicken. Just imagine watching Yan Can Cook chopping, slicing and dicing right before your eyes and you get the basic idea. If you have any semblance of coordination you might even catch the little piece of chicken in your mouth or pocket — depending on where he chooses to fling it. Like I said, it’s a pretty fun night for a good sized group.

We spent Memorial day at a BBQ, again with my mom and sister. I barbecued some chicken and beef, along with some corn and garlic bread. It was a nice and relaxing was to spend the day off.

I spent the middle of the week working on my computer and actually figured out quite a bit. Although I do own a book on the new Mac OS, I learned alot more just from reading the message boards at Apple’s website. For the most part, you can learn alot from people who are having the same problems that you are. Ugh.

Toward the end of the week, Wifey™ and I had decided to head down to Monterey for the day. It’s about a two hour drive from where we live, driving along Highway 1 (the coastal highway). When we arrived we found it to be fairly foggy, and after doing a little bit of window shopping, we spend the bulk of our time at the Montery Bay Aquarium – a definate must-see. It’s been years since I’ve been to an aquarium. At least a few field trips ago, and it’s been at least fifteen years since my last field trip.

I dont know why, but watching these fish is really captivating. I mean, you could just sit for hours watching these fish swim in circles. It’s a great aquarium. You can touch the stingray, or the starfish, or go outside and watch the shore birds, or indoors where the penguins are kept. We also realized why tunafish is so cheap. Have you seen one of those things? They are huge and fat. You could easily get a case of tuna from just one fish. Of course, the aquarium is no place to bring up things like that since they are all into protecting the animals. Comments like “anyone have any mayo?” just doesnt go well around them.

The day ended with the two hour drive home, and then the vacation pretty much was over and it was back to work. The bad part about having a nice vacation is that going back to work sucks so much more. I mean, you spend a week just being leisurely and then have to go back to work knowing that you dont have another vacation for about six months. The one thing I realized is that (a) I REALLY dont like working where I do and (b) I want to be self employed. Wifey™ and I have our idea for what we’d like to do, and it’s really just a matter of getting the money and going out and doing it.

So aside from some art and wine festivals and birthday gatherings, for other people, that’s about it.

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