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Tis the Season to be Busy …

Another busy week with no time for an entry. Work has been unusually busy this last week, along with preparations for a party Wifey™ and I are hosting next weekend, and just the usual christmas busy-ness.

Saturday was a great day for me to get MY shopping done for Wifey™, since she was going to be spending most of the morning with my mom and sister. With a plan in hand, and ideas in my head as for what to buy, I headed out and within about two to three hours, I was done and at home wrapping gifts. I may have mentioned this before, but we opted to wrap all of our gifts in a kraft-like paper we bought from IKEA. The paper is all brown, so we went out and bought a bunch of different ribbons to tie them up with. It really looks great under the tree and will probably be our yearly tradition. Christmas wrap is soooooo expensive and they usually give you just enough to wrap about three gifts on one roll. This wrap we bought from IKEA was about $2 a roll, and we’ve only used about half of it to wrap ALL of our gifts. We still have two more rolls left.

The remainder of Saturday was spent taking care of errands and stuff. Not very exciting reading material.

Sunday, however, was a little more exciting — with the exception of how we spent our morning. After taking care of more errands involving a trip to Costco, Target and doing some laundry and getting a haircut, Wifey™ and I headed to my mom’s house for what would be the beginning of a BIG surprise for Wifey™’s upcoming birthday.

The surprise had been in the works for months — practically since the end of August, and Wifey™ still had no clue up to the time when we actually arrived at the place, where there was really no hiding where we were going.

It’s easy to hide the fact that we were going into the City. Less easy to hide the big ass Cirque du Soleil big top. We’d be seeing the performance of “Varekai” by Canada’s Cirque du Soleil. My mom had seen a different performance, Wifey™ and I had never seen them.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check them out, when they are in an area near you, check them out. And if they never come your way, there’s a very good reason right there for you to take a trip to Vegas.

Our show had thirteen different acts, with a twenty minute intermission. The two and a half hour show was amazing, and kept most of the adults in the crowd staring with mouths agape. It’s very much a circus atmosphere, with a mix of ballet and dance.

I’d highly recommend that before you go to a show, you read the website and find out the background of the show you are about to see. Unless you shell out the $20 for a souvenir program, you really have no clue what you are looking at half the time. Of course, that doesnt make it less entertaining, it just makes it confusing when you KNOW there’s a story going on and can’t figure it out.

The story is only a small part of the program though. There are acrobatics, clowns (but not the kind you are used to), trapeze acts, juggling and even some body contortion. It’s a great show for kids, but seems to be geared more towards adults who are young at heart.

The show began at 5PM and ended at 7:30PM, on the dot. Afterwards, we went to dinner and then headed home. The surprise went off without a hitch and according to Wifey™, was “better than Alanis”. That’s pretty big for those of you not in the know.

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