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The Great Camcorder Search …


I think I’ve found the next big purchase I’ll be making, at some point next year … maybe. Over the weekend, Wifey™ and I went to the Good Guys to check out their after Christmas sales and after being harrassed by a salesman about buying a $3000 Big Screen TV, we headed over to the digital camcorder area.

Mine is about ten years old and is showing signs of age. It works but the battery part no longer works well and whenever I zoom in on something, everything goes blurry for a few seconds. It’s a pain in the ass to actually tape anything, as we found out this Christmas when I tried to tape our gift opening and most of the tape is just blurry images. Ugh.

So after looking around, another salesman came over and explained about the Canon ZR50 Camcorder, which not only does video, but also takes rough digital photos and the zoom never goes blurry. Right now it’s priced at about $500, but I’m going to keep waiting until the price comes down a bit. I’d imagine that by the end of the year, or even summer, the price could be at about $300, which is more in my price range.

After that I’d have to start the hunt for a good digital camera for taking and printing photos. Prices are dropping, so I’ll continue my search …

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