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Off To The Beach …

I decided to shoot a few photos of our excursion today … my birthday. Wifey™ and I set out early, after packing a lunch. We drove up Highway 1, along the coast, to Santa Cruz, a coastal town that is known for its famous “Boardwalk”. I hadn’t been there in years and figured that it’d be a good place to spend a nice, relaxing day. And it was …

The photo below is a shot of the entire boardwalk area. It’s sort of like a giant, year-round carnival. Rides, games, food, everything you need to bring the kid in you out.


Wifey™ and I walked up and around the beach, until we got to this landing where you could see people coming in and out of this little cave, which I just HAD to shoot. We soon figured out that the only way to get to it was to wade through a shallow part of the river, which we weren’t interested in doing.


We turned around and saw this fantastic lighthouse that, again, I just had to shoot. Pretty cool. I love lighthouses … not to live in or anything, or to collect, just to look at.


All in all a fun day at the beach …

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