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The Toothless Wonder …

This is the third in my three part series about losing my Wisdom Teeth. Ugh.

So, since my last entry, the four widsom teeth have been removed and I am in the “recovery” stage of my post-surgery.

Turns out that it didn’t happen on Wednesday, like I thought it would. Instead, the doctor took one look at me, showed me a wall full of photos of teenagers and asked me “why the hell I waited so long to get them yanked out”. Erm.

Then he told me that I had an infection and that I’d have to wait until the next day to get the teeth removed. And so I did.

Wifey™ and I arrived around 11AM, signed in, handed over the $650 that the insurance couldn’t cover and sat in the waiting room for the drama to begin. Within a few moments, the doctor, who I might add looked about my age, came over and introduced himself. Minutes later, the nurse took me in to get settled in for the goofiest ride of my life.

Here’s what I actually remember of the procedure. The nurse put the laughing gas mask on my face and almost immediately I start laughing. The weirdest part is that I could hear myself saying stuff but it was like I was outside of my body saying it. The doctor told me to scooch up in the chair or else he’d end up operating way down below and I remember telling him that “all I wanted removed was my teeth”. Then the nurse told me that I’d “be fun at a party”.

Then I blacked out. I remember feeling a little tugging on one of the teeth, but who the hell knows where I was during the other four. I don’t remember anything other than waking up in the chair after what seemed like ten minutes … but had instead been nearly an hour.

I remained pretty out of it for the next hour or so. Wifey™ says I was saying weird things about how my lips felt like they were sticking out five feet and that I could kiss her from across the car. She also mentioned my wanting to go computer shop8:00 when we passed an Apple Store. But I don’t really recall much else.

So, here it is Friday. All I’ve eaten is rice pudding, scrambled eggs and some potato soup. I’ve been drinking apple juice, to wash down my cocktail of Vicodine, Advil and Keflex. I can’t chew anything because it might go into the holes in my mouth and cause severe bleeding. Ugh. So, to say the least, I’m really wanting some food I can chew on.

Since I’m still in “recovery” mode, I stayed home from work on Friday and did almost nothing all day. I did spend a little time out and about taking some photos, which I posted in my new photolog located in the right sidebar. Seems like the thing to do these days. So, there it is.

Tomorrow, Wifey™ and I are off to a graduation. Not a high school graduation, but a college graduation.. the eternal student is finally graduating after ten years of college.

2 Responses to 'The Toothless Wonder …'

  1. personal avatar
    Katie | 14 June 2003

    You should make your photos bigger… I can’t see shit in some of them. Oh, and you should also start using that Gallery program, so we can both be like Laura. Cuz she is soooo cool. Man, I want to be like her!!!!

  2. personal avatar
    Greg | 15 June 2003

    I want to be like Laura too, she’s so cool. I was trying to not use Gallery and instead find a way to use MT to upload photos and keep a photo log. We’ll see how long that lasts. I’ve got Gallery installed… from months ago, so maybe I’ll use that. And what exactly are you trying to see in the photos, it’s like flowers and a bridge?

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