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Good Eatin’ …

There are few foods in life that I can’t be without. I guess I COULD be without them, but they are so damn good that I need to have them whenver I can. In fact, these are just a few that I could, literally, eat every day.

Super Beef Burrito: I’m talking about the real deal here, not the trendy tex-mex shit that some places put out. You know the ones. They have black beans and colored tortillas. I’m not down with that shit. If I’m going to eat a burrito, it better be in a white, flour tortilla and have some refried beans inside of it and it better be dripping from the greasy meat inside of it. Now that’s a burrito. And it better be at least eight inches long and three inches wide, bursting at the seams. The best burittos I’ve come across aren’t found at the large chain restaurants, but in the hole-in-the-wall, blink and you’ll miss it type of place. There are quite a few in San Francisco and my personal favorite is in the town I grew up in. The place is called “La Tapatia” in South San Francisco on Grand Avenue. The place is a mexican market, but if you go all the way to back, they make the best burritos in town. I could eat one of those everyday for the rest of my life … which probably wouldn’t be too long, but I’d go with a smile on my face.

Sausage Raviolis: The perfect food. Everything is encased in the pasta, but you bite in and get the flavor of the filling spilling out into your mouth. I’m pretty plain Jane, when it comes to my ravioli. I like ’em small and firm with plain spagetti sauce on them. And of course the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Yum. Besides burittos, I could eat ravioli every day also.

BBQ Ribs: This is something I don’t eat much, so when I do it’s a treat. I love BBQ ribs, it’s just that I have to be home when eating them due to the “sticky fingers” factor, that’s inevitable. The perfect way to cook these bad boys is to wrap them in foil and slather them in Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce … then cook them on the grill and slice them up. Left alone, I could probably finish off an entire rack of ribs by myself. It’s called glutony.

Strawberry Shakes: With all that food, you have to have something to wash it down and a nice tall strawberry shake does the job. I’m not a big fan of the triple thick variety, but a nice tall shake that I can gulp down with a straw is the way to go. Whenever I’m looking to treat myself, I opt for a strawberry shake. Keep ’em coming.

Cheesecake with strawberry topping: Every good meal deserves a good dessert and cheesecake is the way to go. I like it slightly firm with a ginger snap crust. Most make it with a graham cracker crust, but the taste of the ginger snaps adds a zing that you just don’t usually get. The actually cheesecake should almost melt in my mouth, but be thick enough to leave a coating. I know there are some people who aren’t into cheesecake and that’s okay … you’ll all just go to hell.

Yum. All this talk of food is making me hungry. I doubt that I could eat all of this at one meal and if I did, I’d probably deserve any repercussions. But, damn … these are just a few things I could day after day. Good stuff.

3 Responses to 'Good Eatin’ …'

  1. personal avatar
    Kevin | 08 July 2003

    Oh my god. I think I found the first blogger ever who actually ISN’T vegetarian. Burritos? Shakes? Ribs?

    Right on!!! You only live once; enjoy the hell out of it.

  2. personal avatar
    Greg | 08 July 2003

    Vegetarian? Ugh. I might as well formaldeheide (sp?) my body and feed it to the fish. When I eat, I wanna feel it slide through my arteries..

  3. personal avatar
    Nicole | 16 July 2003

    Sounds good!

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