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The Once-a-Week Update …

Seems like there are weeks that there is so much going on that I hardly have a chance to check email, let alone update the journal. So, here’s my update for the past few days.

Over the weekend, Wifey™ and I went to Paramount’s Great America, who also run theme parks named Carowinds, Kings Island, Kings Dominion and Canada’s Wonderland. We did this last year, because my mom gets discounted tickets through her employer for their yearly company picnic. That’s basically the background. We didn’t go on as many rides this year, but the ones we went on were definately memorable.

We started off with Logger’s Run, probably one of the older rides in the park. I remember this one from MY childhood. You don’t get that wet and it’s a fairly slow and easy ride to get you started on the right foot. At most, we got misted by the water.

Next, we headed over to the Stealth, which was broken last year, so this would be our first time on this one. I believe we were in line for about an hour and a half and pretty tired by the time we got up there. The ride lasts less than a minute but also gave the most bang for the wait. You get into this ride standing up and once it starts, it lowers you into the laying down position. So, the entire ride you are laying horizontally and then it flips you over so that you actually feel your body drop forward and you are looking down five or six stories below at the ground. Some whacked out shit, but definately worth the wait.

After Stealth, we were ready for something more calm and headed over to the Rip Roaring Rapids where we got drenched. Unlike Loggers Run, this ride actually soaks you. And if being tossed around in their man-made rapids doesn’t do it, onlookers can pay 25 cents a shot, to soak random people with shooting gushes of water.

We spent the rest of the day on other rides that were equally fun. Adding to the fun was a really nice day here in the Bay Area.

Sunday brought about a time for change. Wifey™ has been wanting to sign up for Weight Watchers for some time now, just to lose a few pounds that she says she’s gained since moving here. So, Sunday we went over and both signed up. I figured that since she’s doing it, it would be easier if we both did it together, instead of me scarfing down a big fat burrito while she nibbles on her rice cakes. Today is our third day doing this and we’re doing fairly well. Lot’s of water and staying within our points. And although you can eat anything you want, you also only have so many “points” to eat during the day, so if you want to eat that big bag of greasy popcorn in the morning, chances are you won’t be having dinner that night.

Our goal is to lose about ten to fifteen pounds each by the time her parents come in October. We’ll see how that goes.

I just have to quote Derek Powazek’s most recent entry when he says the following:

Anyone paying attention last decade will remember that we started with a Bush in the White House, a huge recession, and the US bombing the hell out of Iraq.

In the middle there was Clinton, who was well liked and did some good things. Then he stuck a cigar in an intern and everything went to hell. The whole country wasted a huge amount of time and energy discussing the word “impeachment.”

Now we have Bush part two. Third verse, same as the first: recession, unemployment, and bombing Iraq. The Bush family really needs to get some new lines.

Speaking of lines, it turns out that Bush and team’s reasons for going to war are now falling apart. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, aside from the ones we dropped. No nukes. No gas. No Saddam, either.

So there we have it. Clinton lied about sex, Bush lied about bombs. The difference? In the Bush version, over 6,000 people died. In the Clinton version, there was only a petit mort. So you tell me: Which man is unfit to lead?

Does anyone else agree? I certainly do. We started out with Bush, who failed miserably. Then Clinton got us back on track. And now we have Lil Bush coming in to finish off what his daddy started — at the same time putting our country back into a deficit unlike any other.

Personally, I think we need to start thinking of impeaching Bush. He lied about everything regarding Iraq, just so that he could get back at the guy that dissed his daddy, using our country as a pawn.

Anyhow, better than impeaching the guy, I say that we all go out and vote next year and show this President that we don’t support him and his agenda. He’s only there because his brother fixed the voting in Florida and wouldn’t let black people vote. So this time around, let’s get Bush out. If you don’t you’ll have to listen to me for another four years complain about Bush — reason enough, eh?

On a lighter note, last night the series premiere of a show on Bravo called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” was on. All I can say is that it cracked my shit up. There’s something about gay men that just makes them hilarious. Always have. The show is basically about five gay men going in and revamping a straight guy from his appearance to his house to getting him to cook. It’s not a show about gay men making a straight guy look gay, they just fix him up. And some of the comments these guys make are hilarious. It’s definately worth checking out Tuesday nights at 10PM on Bravo.

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    Nicole | 16 July 2003

    I certainly won’t be voting for him.

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