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Singer Aayilah dies in

Singer Aayilah dies in a plane crash…

Along with seven or eight others, she died in a plane crash on Saturday night. The early reports seem to think that it had to do with the fact that they overloaded the plane with luggage, causing the plane to crash before it even got off the runway. The pilot, in fact, warned them that they had too much luggage and they forced him to load it on.

Now, all I can really say is that if the PILOT tells me that the plane would have problem with anything I brought on, I’d leave it in a heartbeat. I mean, if they really needed their luggage with them that badly then they should have split people up into two planes, like four on each plane rather than eight. Ugh.. sucks for them.

Not that they deserved it or anything, I mean it sucks anytime someone dies. Too bad the pilot didnt just put his foot down and tell them no. They probably told him to just do what they wanted because they hired him to fly them out. Now they’re dead.

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