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Just End It Now …

Can someone just stick me in the eyeball with a hot poker. Please. The last couple of days have been over the top boring here at work. Like, there’s absolutely nothing to do. In three days, I’ve probably done about three hours of work … total. The rest of the time has been spent surfing the net. And you know what. There’s really nothing on the internet worth looking at. Let me rephrase that — there’s nothing on the internet worth looking at that doesn’t get caught by the filter placed on our computers. So the porn sites are out.

Kind of makes you wonder why they need so many people … including a temp they’ve brought on. I’ll never understand how businesses operate like this. A department with four regular employees, each having absolutely nothing to do and they bring on a temp. Crazy. It just shows that no one is really taking time to see if the temp was really needed. Just a waste of money.

Another funny thing is that whenever I start a job, I ask the interviewer if they have a steady stream of work because I don’t like down time. They all say that they are a very busy department and don’t remember the last time they had down time. And then a couple of weeks later, I’m sitting their twiddling my thumbs. Ugh.

I’d rather have a job where I’m busy all day long so that the time goes by quicker, than having to sit here all day long and be bored to death. I guess at least I’m getting paid to sit here, which is good. But the day sure does drag on.

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