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Just An Average Joe …

[Disclaimer: If you taped “Average Joe” and don’t want to know the ending … I’d suggest you start clicking somewhere else really fast, because if you read any further I’m going to ruin it for you.]

What a piece of shit kind of ending was that. The show is called “Average Joe”, so obviously you’d expect that at least one of these guys has a slim chance in hell of actually getting the girl. Geeks unite. It’s our chance to get the girl all the hunks usually get. And then …

She chooses the model looking guy. Ugh. Hmm … let’s see, two guys, one choice. One guy is in school and works as a waiter and lives with mommy and daddy. The other guy owns a company, is a millionaire, is part owner in a bar, has multiple home and cars and can lavish the girl with gifts beyond her wildest dreams. Erm. Both guys are nice. Who do you choose? The rich one, that’s who … jesus. What’s so hard about this.

But who does she choose. The waiter. The guy in school. She’ll have to drive to his parents house to pick him up and probably have to pay for all of the dates. Great fucking choice there. Plus, and here’s the clincher … NBC made them not see each other for the eight months until the show ended. How do you think that affects a brand new relationship? I give them another month and then she’s out on the street again. And she deserves it. No wonder she has to go on a show like this to get a man … she’s makes BAD choices.

Ugh. Everyone I’ve heard from is steamed about it. It’s just a damn show, but jesus, it’s on the radio, the TV and all over the land of the blogs … another reason people suck.

Average Joe 2, starting in January. Hmm. What will the twist be? More models. Who do you think she’s going to choose? A model. Piece of crap show. I mean, it’s called Average Joe … why not actually let the guys have the girl. Talk about wrecking these guys tiny little nub of self-esteem they might have started to grow from thinking she actually liked them. Nope, sorry, the handsome jock wins again. Buh-bye.

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